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I hope this true. Adrian Newey is moving to Air Racing

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  • I hope this true. Adrian Newey is moving to Air Racing

    One Moment Air Racing Secures Revolutionary Design Expertise with Adrian Newey
    [Norfolk, VA] - In a move that's being hailed as a "game-changer" for the sport, One Moment Air Racing is thrilled to announce the addition of legendary Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey to its team. Newey's innovative approach will be unleashed on an aircraft that can move over twice as fast as an F1 car.
    When asked about his decision to join the sport of Air Racing, Newey quipped, "As I’ve said before, I just needed a break from Formula 1. I've spent my entire career using aerodynamics to create downforce and squeeze an extra 0.1 seconds out of a car's lap time. I had everything backwards. I should have been using aerodynamics to generate lift instead!"
    “And no more 'hybrid electric' rules! It’s back to high octane fuels, water methanol, and nitrous! Plus they promised I could use a V12. The opportunities are limitless!”
    One Moment Air Racing is confident that Newey's arrival will usher in a new level of dominance at this year’s Las Cruces Air and Space Expo (October 18-20) and then look forward to surpassing the all-time piston-propeller speed record of 528.31mph with a fresh concept of horsepower, aerodynamics and propeller technology."

    For those who don't know Adrian Newey was the genius behind Red Bulls ​F1 cars

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    No it's a joke . Its satire . Not true. This would be all over internet sources if true and especially on Racer and Autosport.
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      Click image for larger version

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      Satire is not the same as "not true". Satire's true purpose is actually to highlight and draw attention to the truth.

      Dates for the Las Cruces air races are legit. Kitplanes did an article on PRTC (Sport Class's version of PRS)
      Definitely full pace qualifying on the 8 mile course this year, and if we can get lawyers/insurance/FAA cooperate, then will have full pace racing too.

      Hope you all come out and support us.
      "young" Thomas


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        It was funny, but as likely as the other stuff people keep suggesting, such as back to Williams or the designing the next IndyCar when it comes in 2050.


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          The image shown above is obviously old. Adrian's hair is all gray now, so I'm assuming the image is photoshopped. For a guy that has reportedly been making $15 million a year with Redbull, and just turned down Ferrari, I can't imagine what the motivation would be to take up air racing. Setting records in his spare time, maybe. Besides, he just had a beautiful sailboat built that he wants to enjoy. 90' Oyster no less! True luxury sailing at its finest....of course.