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OFF-TOPIC / Military Sound Barrier broken pre-demo / do I remember that? What year?

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  • OFF-TOPIC / Military Sound Barrier broken pre-demo / do I remember that? What year?

    Wayner, I am praying for your health and am able to get back on. Wish I would have seen you all and Zak! Buccarelli and I spoke a week ago or so and said it was awesome seeing so many of you.
    Please help me recall this - or - am I simply 'off' on this. Didn't a NAVY or USAF Demo Jet driver doing passes fast a few days before the event and break the Sound Barrier on the deck? I could swear I recall the Police / Authorities meeting up with him.
    If yes who was that guy? What a show...
    Thanks all.
    Love the site and the family it has created - thank you Wayne & team.

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    From my memory:1994. And, from what I remember, it was during the Saturday show. I was in the stands towards the east end of the ramp. An Air Force jock was doing his routine in a F-16 and "punched thru". Yeah, my understanding was the powers that be and the FAA talked to the guy, but the crowd LOVED IT.


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      Yes! V1670, the year fits. It’s unreal how if durning the ‘vintage newspaper-era’, like if a F101 did it in 1964 there would be a variety of media-facts, vs the ‘pre-popular-internet years’ often have nothing on moments like this. I know it happened at OSH as well…but of course well recorded in ‘internet / video-phone era’…I think that was 2021…again sirens and lights for Taxi guides : )

      - - Aside from a few car alarms going off there was not a broken window I saw or heard of…not even on the WW2 ARMY Air Corp old hangars at Stead. Today’s youth believe the city’s will be window-less.
      - - In fact, Ed Gillispie and others would rip over Westerville OH from NAA Plant (my Dad signed off on all final A7s, mechanically) at CMH in A7 Vigilantes just to pass Mach1 headed to M2 and :::Booommm::: life would resume just like it does now after loud 5.0 Ford Mustangs with High Schoolers rip by…never slept in a windowless home as a kid.

      I sure hope “the future returns”. I know many of you became used to; Jet-Pack men, SSTs, Astronauts Golfing on the moon driving moon buggy’s, space-food dry ice cream etc. “””Here’s to NASAs new X59””, I think they call it.

      To all AAFOers and ‘1670 Thank you…I’ll sleep. : )
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        I remember the event but had no idea what year it might have been. I was doing something in the media headquarters in the old Lear hangar. It did rattle the windows pretty good but no damage anywhere. Everybody I knew thought it was great...


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          Fun links from OSH!

          Humans survive well within a football field or few away.


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            I recall one of the Thunderbirds going supersonic on Friday or Saturday in 1984. Could be mistaken.

            Sonic booms were fairly common when I was a kid. We lived about 35 miles from Beale AFB, and the SR-71 was the greatest offender. My mom got tired of it and sent the Air Force a letter. Every time it happend our chickens would stop laying for several days.


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              I don't remember the year, but 1994 sounds about right. I do distinctly remember the event. I was on the deadline in the pits. An Air Force F-16 was doing a demo. It was on a shallow high speed dive and the crowd went wild! My wife got to experience the boom in a Sani-hut. As a kid in the 50's my parents took us to an air show at Oakland and the Blues would the 6 plane cross over the crowd breaking the sound barrier. Have the newspaper clipping residents on Bay Farm Island next to the airport complaining about broken windows.


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                Carp, was too young to remember but they wuz shootin' off nukes when I was very young not far from Vegas, where my parents and ,my young ass lived (and some of you wonder why I'm so weird }
                Wayne Sagar
                "Pusher of Electrons"


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                  I believe it was 94, my late father and I's 2nd year to attend. Yes, the crowd loved it!! What topped it off was during the parade lap with the fire truck, a motorcycle cop "pulled" the truck over. The crowd loved that too!!
                  Bear..... and now Ghost Fever Forever...... John


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                    I remember that too, and 1994 sounds about right. We were in the pits when he made the fast pass. I remember thinking how cool it was that the plane was moving as fast as the sound so you couldn't hear it coming until it was almost on you.. BOOMBOOM. Whoops, maybe a little faster than the sound...

                    We tracked down the pilot later and a buddy got his autograph on an F-16 poster. Strongly recommended his callsign should change to 'Boomer'.