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  • 2023 Entry List Live

    See the full list of racers and planes participating in this year's Air Races.

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    Cut and pasted from RARA's site...

    2023 Pilots and Planes
    0 Spam Can Mark Moodie
    3 Bardahl Special Steven Hinton
    4 Sweet & Lovely Jeff LaVelle
    8 Dreadnought Joel Swager
    11 Brent Hisey Miss America
    18 Jim Thomas Sneak Attack
    19 John Maloney Boise Bee
    26 Rushin’ Thunder Scotty “Scooter” Crandlemire
    27 John Maloney Miss Trinidad
    31 Speedball Alice Dan Vance
    43 51 Steven Coutches
    44 Sparky Brant Seghetti
    51 Swamp Fox P-51 RT Dickson
    55 Man O’ War Ken Gottschall
    62 BUNNY Tom Nightingale
    63 Pretty Polly Patrick Nightingale
    64 Plum Crazy Vicky Benzing
    69 Miss Mavel Jim Rust
    75 Lady Jo John Muszala II
    81 Wee Willy Rob Patterson
    114 Argonaut Mark Watt
    924 “924” Dennis Sanders
    PACE Pacemaker Steve Hinton, Sr.
    Alternate pilots not already flying
    Michael Pfleger
    Stephen Koewler
    John “Dusty” Dowd, Jr
    1 Johanna Bob McCormack
    2 Athena Bob McCormack
    5 American Spirit Michael Steiger
    8 David Sterling
    11 Team Race 11 Jerry “Jive” Kerby
    12 Alpine Thunder Matt Guthmiller
    16 Gray Wolf J. Kevin Roll
    17 Texas Fouga Al “Cool Breeze” Hoover
    19 Delfin Devil Charlie (Squid) Camilleri
    24 Just Lucky Peter A. Zaccagnino
    55 Spirit of Freedom Nathan Harnagel
    61 Miss Independance Tammy Camilleri
    84 Tumbling Goose Scott Gusakov
    90 Chechmate Mark Davis
    Pace 73 Cyrill Wipfli
    Pace 555 Rick Vandam
    Jet Pace Jay Obernolte
    Alternate pilots not already flying
    Joe “Face Punch” Swindel
    George Ryan
    Mark Johnson
    Formula 1
    3 The Kraken Ross Killin
    6 Budde Special Carl Robinson
    9 Outlaw Scott Holmes
    14 ACME Special II Matt Moore
    17 Annie Pushkraj “Push” Wagh
    21 Black Jack Jen Watson
    26 Fast and Easy Paul E. Newman
    31 Fraed Naught Josh Watson
    34 Limitless Justin Meaders
    37 Slab Dog Stephen Coleman
    39 Monkey Ninja JP O’Dell
    40 Miss USA Dave Holmgren
    48 The Atomic Pumpkin Blaire Hamilton
    52 Feisty Trent Woodworth
    72 The Sky Addict Dominic Cacolici
    73 Pooder Steve Temple
    74 Phat Ass Cass Shaun Milke
    76 Dog House Tom Siegler
    79 No Strings Attached Justin Phillipson
    81 Sleeper Drew Keenan
    82 Cheap Thrills Austin Shaw
    85 Deja Vu Eric Dienst
    99 What Airplane Honey? Timothy Cone
    Alternate pilots not already flying
    Jeffrey Lo
    2 Modo Mio Vince Walker
    3 Mojo Sean VanHatten
    4 Too Much Tom McNerney
    5 Breathless Conrad Huffstutler
    6 Ramp Rat’s Ride Joseph Coraggio
    7 Kevin Eldredge “Skids”
    8 No Name David Sterling
    10 Cruse Missile Timothy Slater
    15 Lucky Girl Vicky Benzing
    21 Blackjack Alan R. Crawford
    22 Greenstreak Richard Vandam
    23 Reno Bear Bijan Victor Maleki
    28 Coming In Hot Peter A. Zaccagnino
    30 One Moment Andrew Findlay
    34 Screamin Mimi John Flanagan
    36 None Paul Downing
    39 Race 39 Jeff Lavelle
    44 Race 44 Peter Balmer
    45 KXP Racing Doug Glover
    49 Rocket Six Bob Mills
    51 Clas Thunder One Mathias Haid
    52 NA Colleen Sterling
    55 Unleashed Nick Biondo
    56 Bad Dingo George Catalano
    60 Miss’d Tuesday Delton (Dee) Child
    69 Leading Edge James Webb
    76 Race 76 Jason Rovey
    80 Miss Ruby S Skylor Piper
    88 NA Bob Wolstenholme
    92 “Top Shelf” David Robinson
    96 Sarah Smile William Christopher McMillian
    101 General Lee Lee Ulrich
    130 Zebulon Olivier Langeard
    744 Millennial Falcon Tommy Ishii
    777 Guardian Angel Matt Ramsey
    888 Triple Eight Neil Wischer
    Pace 17 Cristopher Schiach
    PACE 69 Pace 69 Malte Bruegmann
    Alternate pilots not already flying
    Neil Parkinson
    Ralf Aue
    3 Lawn Mower III Hal Stockman
    4 STOLFox Bryan Bowen
    6 Luke Czepiela
    7 Yellow Thunder Bruce Graham
    11 11 David Kerley
    18 MooseStacheFlyer Justin “MooseStacheFlyer” Tisdale
    21 STOL 21 Kevin Palmer
    22 The Beast Jeff Whiteley
    22 Evinrude Ty Ferkin
    27 Spirit of Louis Harry Beaupre
    43 Doc Collin “Evel” Caneva
    44 Yee Haw 8 Steve Henry
    46 Warren Grobbelaar
    48 Devil Girl Eddie Sanches
    62 Austin Clemens
    63 God Bless John Wayne Tony Sanches
    66 Big Tuna John Hakala
    73 Psycho Billy Tim Schelhorn
    80 ECHO William “Bo” Ellis
    84 Moose Knuckle Aaron Greear
    85 LunaC Cathy Page
    221 Scooter Brian Steck
    2 Bare Essentials Chris LeFave
    5 Big Red Joey “Gordo” Sanders
    6 Six-Cat Nick Macy
    14 Baron’s Revenge Chris Rushing
    21 Play Hard Ben York III
    25 Vicarious Jason Karlin
    27 Miss TNT Eric Woelbing
    43 Midnight Miss III Joel Stinnett
    48 The Other Woman Brian Reberry
    49 Miss Ellaneous Bill Muszala
    50 Abracadabra Vitaly Pecherskyy
    66 Gunslinger Vic McMann
    69 Eros Lee Oman
    73 Miss Humboldt Hunny Loren Marburg
    88 Radial Velocity John S. Lohmar
    90 undecided Greg McNeely
    388 EZ Six Aaron Singer
    999 999 Job Savage
    PACE Pace Rob Sandberg
    Alternate pilots not already flying
    Rick Siegfried
    William Walker III


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      Thanks guys for keeping us up to date!
      Wayne Sagar
      "Pusher of Electrons"


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        Anyone have any details for Unlimited race # 27, Miss Trinidad?


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          Originally posted by shadow View Post
          Anyone have any details for Unlimited race # 27, Miss Trinidad?
          Super yak, r2000 power, should be extremely close to rushin thunder and steadfast in terms of performance.


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            MIss Trinidad should be a 400+ mph contender. R2000 powered, Nearly identical to Rushin Thunder. Those two should have an epic race.

            Other entries of interest, race 43... I believe it is the H model Mustang. Race 69 is no stranger to Reno either. Has clean wings, and was formerly known as Georgia Mae. I'll list 69 as a wild card. Likely running a stock engine, but back in the day, running a not so hopped up engine, it was fast for its power. It could be a surprise for the Sea Furies.

            RT Dickson flies a really nice line, he should be fun to watch.

            Needless to say we won't have a parade for the gold race. The silver should be pretty good as well. The Bronze will be a bronze race until someone decides they want to take the final bronze trophy home.



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              Some initial thoughts/predictions after diving deep into the entry list -

              Unlimited: Bardahl Special, Miss America, Dreadnought, Argonaut, 924, Rushin’ Thunder, & Miss Trinidad is the Gold field. That’s 7 so if everyone holds together the Silver winner can bump to round it out. Considering that’ll likely be the H Model or Boise Bee, that probably won’t happen. I don’t expect Plum Crazy to be able to keep up with either of those two, but Miss Mavel might be able to if Jim’s doing bare minimum Goldfinger mods (not confirmed, but possible). Should be good racing in the rest of the field, glad to see Lady Jo back! Lady B was on the very first list that came out and it fell off so we’ll see if we end up with 23 or 22 entries.

              Sport: Race 39, One Moment, Havoc, & Too Much, should all be gunning for 400mph. I’m hesitant to say that Kevin’s new Race 7 is going to be able to run at the top with the experimental engine. Race 8 will be nice to have back to keep the top dogs honest. Race 28, we’ll have to see… A surprise I was hoping would come to frutition is Peter Balmer in Race 44 which should be Miss Karen II. Another Super Legacy good for 350+. Very curious to see what Guardian Angel can do since they’ve been fine tuning it all offseason. All said and done with the other Thunder Mustang added we should have 10 “Gold” planes. With a full field of 8 who knows we might finally have a Gold field without any NA Legacy’s in it. The only plane I’m missing is the beautiful Race 77 Super Legacy that was at PRS.

              T6: Not much to say here. All of the fastest Gold racers plus Miss TNT, and a nearly full field.

              Jet: This small class was expected. Gold should be American Spirit vs. Just Lucky. The Silver might be all stock L-29’s for once.

              F1: Limitless for the win? Fraed Naught is fast in the right hands, and we’ll see if that is Josh. Last year was his rookie year and I would assume there’s a steep learning curve from a pretty stock Cassutt to a top Gold racer. Without Miss Min and Endeavor, those are at the top. ACME Special II (Ex-Invictus) could be a surprise contender and Matt is a very experienced pilot.

              Is it September yet?
              Reno from '99 to '22


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                Nice post Will! I'm up to my neck getting the motorhome ready but I'll be there with 48x18 foot site... lots of room for you! bringing my little kitty...She is totally deaf and won't mind the "music" of the airplanes.. She is too fussy and has to be fed separately from out much younger kitty who is scared of her own shadow! Buddy Allen is going to take care of that one while we're

                Wayne Sagar
                "Pusher of Electrons"


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                  Even though it's mostly stockers it is great to see a pretty good size field of unlimiteds.. Hopefully, everybody stays together and it's a safe week. That would be a good way for this chapter to close.



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                    Can't remember what happened to Saw Bones, but kinda expected to see that plane on the list. Can someone please update her status/condition?
                    Thank you.


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                      Originally posted by marada mx3 View Post
                      Can't remember what happened to Saw Bones, but kinda expected to see that plane on the list. Can someone please update her status/condition?
                      Thank you.
                      There was a fallout between the owner and Curt Brown a few years ago. Plane is up for sale.
                      Reno from '99 to '22