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Rare Bear Photos: Thanks Guys!!!!!!!

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  • Rare Bear Photos: Thanks Guys!!!!!!!

    Guys, just going to take a second to say thanks! I put out "the call" the other day for photos of the Rare Bear website in another thread... my brain is still a bit fried and I can't remember exactly which one... or maybe it was via private message? Man, I am fried... anyway back on topic....

    The response from you guys has been fantastic! Throughout the year (especially now) I need images for various updates and features on the Rare Bear website... since I was unable to attend, my archive is empty... well anyway to those of you who responded, granted permission and provided photos... God Loves Bear Fans is all I can say to ya.. that and a huge thanks!

    To the rest of you's guys, check the Rare Bear website from time to time as I work in some of the best of the best of Rare Bear shots from the Bear Fans at work this year... all images will carry the name of the photogapher so the rest of us will know just who did the great work...

    I'll say my thanks now, I bet the crew and the rest of the Bear fans across the planet will say big thanks too once we get them on the site..!

    Give me a few days and I'll have the first of them added to Sharon's recent update and here and there on the site.

    Thanks guys!
    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"