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"Delayed" real-time rundown of Sunday...

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  • rnichols
    One other note...

    One other thing that may be of interest, though I imagine it's old news by now... I

    Saturday evening, I spoke to Jon Sharp. He said they were Not planning to race on Saturday, rather he wanted to taxi test. That's why he taxied out with the other Sport Gold racers. He also indicated they would not race on Sunday. He said he would be taking the cowl home for repairs to the oil cooler area, then he'll come back for the plane and fly it home. He's planning to fly home with the gear down (which limits him to about 260), and do more gear extensions at home.

    Again... unofficial, but this time from the expert's mouth.

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  • rnichols
    started a topic "Delayed" real-time rundown of Sunday...

    "Delayed" real-time rundown of Sunday...


    I was trying to send "play-by-play" reports to Wayne over the weekend. Unfortunately, technology failed both of us a times… Here are the "notes" I took as the events unfolded on Sunday. If you read from the bottom up, you'll get a sequential report of the races, starting with the Sport Gold. I have info about earlier races, but this is the stuff that you might find interesting. The speeds, weather, and other info came from the announcers and my observations of the races. It's NOT official, and not necessarily all correct, but I tried to be as accurate as possible. Also, please forgive the spelling and formatting. I was typing on a very small device with very cold fingers…


    Jet Gold:

    Best weather of the afternoon came out after the unlimited gold. Most of the crowd is gone, but the diehards are still here. Everyone else is sitting in traffic....

    The jets are growing on me. They are quick and stay pretty close together.

    The finish order:

    5. Button
    104. Rubino
    1. Morss
    7. Behel
    47. Bagley
    4. Holm
    84. Vandam
    99. Gibson
    25. Magee

    Time to go home and get warm!

    Unlimited Gold:

    The race was run after a modified start because of weather. They used the chute, but not much of it. It started raining/snowing on the field just as the race started.

    Dago and Bear flew formation for most of the race. Brown was close behind.

    Dago crossed the line 1st, but had cut pylon 4 on lap 2. So, the Bear takes the gold.

    By the time all the racers landed, the weather improved enough that they'll probably run the jets.

    Order they crossed the line (penalty will drop Dago back into the pack):

    Dago Red 471 mph
    Rare Bear
    Sept Fury
    Czech Mate
    Miss America
    Ridge runner


    Unlimited weather issues…

    Because of weather moving in, they're moving the unlimiteds earlier and cutting out the intro ceremony. We can't see Peavine mountain at all and there is snow falling on all sides of the airport. The sky right over the airport is blue.

    They are pulling the racers out now to get them fired up.

    They announced the jets will run after the unlimiteds if the weather holds out long enough

    Unlimited silver:

    Entry to the course had to be changed because it was snowing in the area southeast of the field near the chute. Consequently, they made a “wide” lap between the stands and Peavine mountain. They entered the course as they rolled out of their turn.

    Miss A ran up front from start to finish w/ Hoot in hot pursuit. Buccarelli ran 3rd for the early laps but went high after hitting some prop wash or turbulence on the front stretch. Dawson passed him and began chasing Hoot down. Both gained on Miss A, but came within only about 3 seconds. Hoot and Dawson fought it out with Hoot finishing about 1/2 a plane ahead.
    Miss A ran 433 on the last lap to keep the lead and won with an average of 418 mph.

    Finishing order:
    11. Miss America
    99. Riff Raff
    105. Spirit of Texas
    38. Precious Metal
    114. Argonaught
    911. Sept Pops - Dan Vance
    50. Miracle maker
    14. Bearcat

    T-6 Gold:

    Goss and Dilda ran wingtip to wingtip for most of the race. Goss pulled away by a second or two to win at 238 mph. Six cat ran a steady 3rd for the whole race.

    Finish order:
    75. Warlock - Goss
    22. Two of hearts - Dilda
    6. Six cat - Macy
    90. Undecided - McNeely
    77. Wyoming widcatter - Good
    7. Kitchen pass - Tom Dwelle Jr

    Sport Gold:

    Winds 12 gusting to 17 and rain around us, but dry at the airport. With the drop in the wind it feels a bit warmer...

    Greenameyer and parker ran away from the field and had a great race. Each led 2 of the 1st 4 laps. They ran neck and neck for lap 5, then Greenameyer pulled away just a bit on the last lap. Race speed was 334 mph.

    Order of finish:
    33. Legacy - Greenameyer
    351. Blue Thunder - Parker
    5. Lee Behel
    10. Warp speed Wanda - Jones
    6. Brain Damage - Claypool
    1. For God's Glory - Cronin
    7. Wright Wride - Wright
    40. Baby Doll - Hibler