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WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Thanks!

    Originally posted by RandyGoss75
    Howdy Gang!

    Thank you all very much for the congratulations and praise we have received after "Warlock" won the Gold T-6 race.
    Hey Randy.... remember the Warlock racing cap ya'll gave me down at PRS?? It fits my just about bald head the best of all my hats (they do have a stylin cut don't they!) so's I wore it into all my radiation treatments... Do ya spose ??? "Critical Lock"????

    Cool hat, cool competitior, (yer dad) cool dood (you) glad you guys won er this year...

    Now, bring that bad boy down to Nellis?? (if you wanna, I'll see if they have ramp space..)

    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"


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      Re: WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

      From the Two of Hearts team I want to say Congratulations again. It is being around people like you and your team, the friendship, competition and commodore, that makes it all worth it.

      It was fun and I'm looking forward to next year.



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        Re: WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

        Good job by Al Goss & Crew.Congratulations.Al was low enough he could of crop dusted on the way around the pylons and picked up some extra money.
        Lockheed Bob


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          Re: WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

          Excellent Race! I got some great video of the gold race from the "valley of speed" which provides a head on view of the T-6s coming down the back straight and rounding the western pylons. Now all I have to do is figure out how to download them off this new camera to my G4...
          Bill Garnett
          Air Race Fanatic since 1965