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    So the racers were running. Maybe not noticed by many, Dan Martin finally took the sandbags off Ridge Runner on the back side and he shot past Czech Mate so fast, Smoot must have thought he saw two Dreadnoughts. At about that time, the sandbags also fell off Sept Fury as Mike Brown passed Rare Bear. John Penny let it go saving Rare Bear for Sunday. The Bear and Sept Fury did not seem to be pushing it. Ridge Runner was chasing down Dreadnought when Martin had a problem and pulled up. The problem had something to do with either the radiator or spraybar. A water-like substance was pouring out near the radiator upon landing.

    Sunday, weather permitting, will be awesome!

    They crossed the line (as I remember it):

    Dago Red
    Sept Fury
    Rare Bear
    Czech Mate
    Ridge Runner (DNF)

    Bill Pearce
    Bill Pearce

    Old Machine Press
    Blue Thunder Air Racing (in memoriam)

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    Re: Sat Unlim Gold

    aww come on bill i know you have some killer pics of the action today.stop holding out lol.hey come by section3 and say hi ill be right in front


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      Re: Sat Unlim Gold

      Thanks for the updates Bill.

      It is driving me nuts not being there in person this year. At least your reports keep me somewhat informed. Looking forward to seeing who all wins big on Sunday.

      Any idea if the Bear is using nitrous this year? I know they opted not to use it last year.

      Kevin Lloyd