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  • Results please guys

    For those of us left behind this year: at our desks, or in recovery (we feel for ya Wayne!), or just without two dimes for this year's trip--my hat goes off to the reports and little bits of news we have got thus far. It is great. Especially Griffon Girl and Mr. Pearce THANK YOU, THANK YOU...but alas, the flow of real news is starting to slow down right when the racing is starting. I'm on my lunch half hour at a desk in rainy northern Idaho and can't find a Thursday morning update anywhere on Rare Bear, or any of the other panic wrench jobs that may or may not be going on in the Unlimited pits or Sport Class, Formula/Biplane hangars. has already this morning posted the Formula and Bipe Heat 1-C race results so that helps the curious mind...but those are the slowest of the slow and WE NEED MORE!!!

    Keep some info coming guys...anything! As each of the first Unlimited heats are over send Wayne something.

    Thanks for remembering us all!