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Wow, not much you can say about a photograph like this but... WOW...

Last year at Aviation Nation 2002, The Nellis Air Show, photographer Erik Hildebrandt was a very busy man. Shooting both the Air Racers in attendance and the US Air Force Heritage Flights (for his book, now released and available at his website.)

I was along on this photo flight, in the "tailless" B-25 that Erik graciously invited us to share with him for the mission... I can attest to the fact that the air was plenty rough. To capture an image of the quality of this one in the turbulent mid afternoon Las Vegas sky takes more than just skill!

As we were preparing a gallery of Erik's images from Nellis '02 for the website for that show (http://nellisairshow.com) we were absolutely stunned by the beauty of this and other photos taken by Mr. Hildebrandt. With his generous permission, we present this photo of such quality that we might all aspire to create!

Onward to Reno 2003 when we shall see our featured airplane this week take on all challengers for the crown of the National Championship Air Races, the World's Fastest Motorsport!

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Photo 2002
Erik Hildebrandt all rights reserved

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