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Introduction of the Glasair Cup

In order to honor and celebrate the commitment and passion of the builders and pilots in the Sport Class, at the Reno National Championship Air Races, several individuals collaborated to create the Glasair Cup.

Lee Behel, one of the original proponents of the Sport Class and Mike Jones, the builder, pilot and racer of an immaculate Glasair III, provided the inspiration and idea for the Glasair Cup.

Scott Thomson will present the Cup. Mr. Thomson is the principle of Strider Capital Management, the company attempting to purchase the assets of Stoddard-Hamilton [Glasair].

While this is only the third year of racing for the Sport Class, it has become a popular addition to Reno. The crowds enjoy the close racing and the accessibility of the predominantly stock homebuilt aircraft. Almost all of the planes can be bought and built by the aviation public. Nevertheless, it is the second fastest class at the Reno, after the Unlimiteds.

The Glasair cup will become a point of pride within the Glasair community. There were seven Glasairs which registered to race in the Sport Class, making it the most popular plane in the class.

A friendly competition has ensued, as the Glasair owners search for improvements and tweaks to boost their speeds. This is but one example of the passion and camaraderie found in Experimental Aviation.

The Glasair Cup will be given to the builder of the fastest Glasair in the final Heat. The Pilot, Builder, Speed and Year will be listed on the Cup. The Builder will receive an exact version of the cup , which hopefully will perpetually reside at the facilities of the company which purchases the assets of Stoddard-Hamilton.

Understandably, only Sponsors of the Reno Air Races can Present at the awards banquet. Therefore, the Glasair Cup presentation will occur outside of the official Awards Banquet. This should not diminish the significance or symbolism of the Award for the Glasair Community. Next year, it will be an officially sanctioned portion of the event.

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