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Tuesday Update Sheet

11:00- AM

  • Good morning Race Fans!!

  • Qualifying results, all classes – as posted on the Reno Air Racing Association stats board, have been updated

  • Unlimited Class: According to sources, Dago Red's unofficial speed of 496mph, was discounted due to a 'wide turn on Pylon 4' during qualifying. The official time for Dago Red stands at 489.681mph. The team is optimistic for a 500mph lap on Sunday.

  • ...stay tuned for more of today's exciting Action....


  • Unlimited Class: Ooops!!..Miss Merced dumped about 2 qts. of oil on the ramp. There's no pit activity to indicate a problem. Overfull?

  • Unlimited Class: Race 7, Strega's "serious unofficial" story is that 2 pistons burned. She's been inside the hanger (more secret stuff) for most of the day. The team is putting the engine back together at this time in preparation for flight.

  • Unlimited Class: Dago Red's team has been heard saying that, on Monday's great qualifying run, the power settings were "radically conservative".

  • Sport Class: Race 25, Questair Venture, officially clocked at a speed of 331.902mph and pilot Dave Anders was overheard saying that he had "power to spare"!!

  • Sport Class: Lee Behel, pilot of Race 5, Deviled Egg, officially clocked his speed at 309.724mph and was 'normally aspirated' (non-turbo) with Eric Ahlstrom's newly designed wing root fairing. Lee's best speed prior to the new fairing was 297mph.

  • Sport Class: Dave Morss' ride the Factory Lancair has good news in that a new set of pistons are being flown in from Redding today.

  • Sport Class: Also, Dave's Zero-Nine-Lima arrived today and is reported 'only here for practice'??

  • Sport Class: Race 9, LiveWire picked up an unexpected hitchhiker when the aircraft struck a buzzard on a practice run. The pilot, Livio Bognuda, safely returned and the plane is intact with minor damage — The addition of a passenger in Livio's right wing should not cause any speed penalty.

  • Formula One Class: Race 44, Judy, blew a rod between Pylon 3 and Pylon 4, then Mayday'ed out when the motor seized. Holbrook Maslen brought the plane down safely and smoothly. They found a nice little hole bored through the engine (probably a bolt when a rod blew). The team is frantically installing a new engine and fully expect to fly by tomorrow.

  • Formula One Class: The trouble with bumps!! Apparently there's a deep dip with a nice bump on the main runway at Stead. Race 4, Alley Cat and Race 96 Mac Daddy hit the same bump during landing which caused both planes to begin the ugly "wing-tip-with-the-concrete" dance. Race 96, Mac Daddy, piloted by David Hoover, lost both wheel pants and banged up his wing tips in the morning session and then Alley Cat, Race 4, piloted by Ray Cote, tapped the concrete with his wing tip in the afternoon session. Both pilots came home safely and the planes are being repaired.


  • Unlimited Class: Late breaking news flash!! Race 67, Val-halla, the North American P-51D Mustang of Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders arrived at Stead just a short time ago. Bill made a fly-by of the field before landing. Unknown at this time as to whether or not he'll be a late entry.


  • Unlimited Class: Engine work completed, under the cover of darkness, Strega Race 7 was pulled out onto the ramp to do some 'engine run-ups' verifying all the hard work done to the aircraft's engine. "It sounded good" was the comment from engine man, Dwight Thorn, as Strega was towed back to the hangar for final assembly. All crew members, including the pilot, Tiger Destefani, were wearing broad smiles... the prospects are looking good for tomorrow!!


  • Unlimited Class: "We're down" said Sherman Smoot, pilot of Race 86 Czech Mate, continuing, "We holed a piston." Sherman brought Czech Mate down smoking today and all possibilities of competing in the race are exhausted.

  • Unlimited Class: A late night visit to Race 117 Bad Attitude's hanger found the airplane with the radial engine on the floor for repairs to a relatively minor part that requires the removal of the engine for access. The airplane is expected to race.

  • AT-6 Class: Tonight, a smiling, Mary Dilda, pilot of Race 22 Two of Hearts, told us that they are "cautiously optimistic" and that "we aren't done yet!!" The crew is optimistic that they have found the problem that was causing the loss of power in Mary's engine. Attempts to qualify will resume tomorrow.
    *Good luck Mary and crew!!*


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