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Monday Update Sheet

12:00- PM

  • Unlimited Class: Unofficial lap time turned in by Dago Red of 496mph

  • T-6 Class: John Zyac reported down with engine problems enroute to Reno, pilot and aircraft ok... Aircraft repaired overnight...flew to Reno. John was timing T-6's this morning and flying his T-6 in qualifications this afternoon.

  • Sport Class: "Thunder Rose" arrives from Winnemucca Nevada after overnight repairs on oil line problem.

  • Sport Class: Lee Behel flies David Anders "Eggstra Special" at an unofficially timed 329mph.

  • Sport Class: Dave Morss' factory Lancair entry scorches number 1 piston... Continental will replace all cylinders, airplane will take the clock tomorrow.

3:00- PM

  • Sport Class: Update for factory Lancair entry...ADI Injection pump problems caused detonation in all 6 cylinders. New cylinders, bearings and pistons on the way..."may" fly on Weds. In the meantime, Zero-Nine-Lima ( Morss' winning entry for 1998 & 1999) is on its way to Reno.

3:30- PM

  • Unlimited Class: Seafury Parade on the course!! September Fury, Furias and the 'flame job' Miss Merced just came off the course...Critical Mass and Voodoo heading out on to the course now.

4:20- PM

  • Unlimited Class: Tiger Destefani, pilot of Race 7, Strega, declares a Mayday, due to 'loss of power'. He soon canceled the Mayday when he regained power, but then called another Mayday..due to 'loss of power' again, while on the course. Fire department is on their way out to the plane. The pilot and aircraft landed safely on Runway 14.


  • "we turned on the smoke generator so we could park it inside tonight" is the "official" word from Tiger... Looks like at least one burnt piston is the "source" of the smoke generator.... Stay tuned

11:59- PM

  • Unlimited Class: Bad news for fans of Dreadnought. The engine is making metal.. the silver kind, indicating a bad bearing. The "Buick" will sit out the rest of Reno 2000.

  • Unlimited Class: Voodoo and Critical Mass posted leisurely times, but attrition may put them in top five.... Both plan on watching the balance of qualifying, saving the best for the last lap on Sunday!

  • T-6 Class: No happy faces in the "Two of Hearts" pit... Engine problems may keep 1997 Gold winner, Mary Dilda, out of competition this year.


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