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Television and Internet coverage to interface at R2K.

by Mark S. Daniels

World of Wings, Inc. (WOW), a new aviation motor sports and entertainment property, has announced the production of the pilot episode for the new Television series, "World Of Wings – The Very Best In Aviation." The pilot episode, entitled "People – Passion – Pistons and Power" will be filmed at the National Championship Air Races And Air Show to be held at Stead Airport, just outside of Reno, Nevada, from September 14 - 17, 2000.

As an added enhancement to the televised coverage, the World Of Wings Website, ( in cooperation with AAFO.COM ( the leading Air Racing web site on the Internet – will produce a daily "on-scene" look at the Air Races, along with a "behind-the-scenes" look into the production of the television show.

Just two weeks ago, World of Wings entered into an exclusive Internet broadcast arrangement with Yahoo that places WOW streamed audio and video aviation content on Yahoo!Broadcast (formerly This deal places WOW in the unique position of being the only sport and entertainment aviation site on Yahoo!Broadcast. Yahoo!Broadcast, especially the Sports section, is promoted heavily to Yahoo’s 145 million-plus unique viewers per month.

World of Wings has signed a joint venture agreement with Wayne Sagar, owner of AAFO.COM. Under this agreement, WOW and AAFO.COM have pledged to bring air race fans the very best in Internet coverage of the sport. During this year’s Reno Air Races, AAFO.COM will unfold exciting stories capturing sights, sound and action, from the grandstands to the pits and from the race course to the cockpits.

In addition to AAFO.COM’s photographic and text based Air Race coverage, video and audio clips, as well as slide show presentations in Real Streaming Media format, will be uploaded to the Internet daily during the event.

"When World of Wings made the commitment to Internet broadcasting of Reno Air Racing, it was not by accident we sought out Wayne Sagar and AAFO.COM as our joint venture partner. Like many air race fans, we recognized AAFO.COM as the leading air racing web site online," stated Bob Avery, Founder and CEO of World of Wings, Inc. Avery continued, "Wayne and his staff have made a full-time commitment to deliver air race fans the latest and most comprehensive information surrounding the sport."

"We are very pleased with this affiliation with Bob Avery and World Of Wings," commented Sagar, adding, "the Internet is an amazing tool, allowing us to reach a wide international audience. Working with the team that has been assembled by Bob Avery and WOW Media, will allow us to expand greatly on our coverage of this thrilling event. All of us at AAFO.COM have geared up for our part in this extensive and timely event coverage."

"We have assembled a production team involved with Television programming, feature films and commercial content. World of Wings has brought together a 'Dream Team' of industry experts to achieve the goal of producing the most exciting televised coverage of this event in its 37-year history", stated Avery

According to Avery, Mitch Carley, of AirShowExpress Entertainment, will direct the televised, pilot episode, while Jeff Lee, of Lee Production Services, of Austin, Texas, will serve as Camera Editor and Producer.

David de Vos and crew, of Blue Yonder Pictures, has also joined the WOW Media Team for this production, allowing multiple camera crews to be utilized in bringing the action to the viewer from different locations around the 8.26 mile Unlimited Class race course, including activities taking place in both the Pits and Grandstands.

Larry Addison's Eye In The Sky Productions team is also operating in support of WOW coverage of the Reno event, by providing mini-cameras mounted within the race planes themselves, allowing the Television and Internet viewer into the cockpit and giving each a view of Air Racing from the pilots' perspective.

According to the joint announcement, Television and Internet will further interface when Sagar is teamed with Carley and de Vos, to provide color commentary and interviews with race pilots and race team crewmembers. Carley and Sagar are to be joined by several, yet-to-be-announced, "Air Racing personalities," who have been selected from within the Unlimited Class.

The World Of Wings "pilot" episode will highlight the Air Racing's top contenders – the fastest of the fast – the "500 Mile An Hour Club." Towards that end, Unlimited Class Air Racing Teams such as Dago Red, Strega, Rare Bear, Critical Mass, Voodoo and Miss America, have joined with WOW and AAFO.COM to focus on this coverage.

The first one-hour pilot episode – "People, Passion, Pistons and Power" – is designed to showcase the drama and excitement that occurs every year at the annual Reno event. These six, Unlimited Class Teams often battle head-to-head – on the course, behind the scenes in the Pits, and even during the off-season – with all sharing the goal to be the one Team to finish victorious at Reno in the final race on Sunday.

The intent of the WOW/AAFO production team is to provide Television and Internet audiences event coverage with an "edge-of-their-seat" look at both the physical and strategic sides of these Unlimited Class Air Racing battles, with an emphasis being placed towards putting a "human face" on those who participate in this epic, Air Racing event.

In the televised episodes that follow, the World Of Wings series will showcase Aviation's most thrilling events as they occur around the world, utilizing the same techniques as with the Air Races – including multiple location shooting, in-plane cameras, plus interviews and commentary by pilots and other participants.

World Of Wings' announced goal is to "create an experience that will make each show of the television series a unique and exciting event in itself; ultimately, one that will capture the eyes and imaginations of viewers from all walks of life and all age groups."


World of Wings, Inc. (WOW) is being developed as the premier marketing and merchandising property of aviation content to provide investors, sponsors, and advertisers an integrated infrastructure for tapping a vast worldwide consumer market in the sport and entertainment aviation industry.

WOW is devoted to the development, production, acquisition, distribution, and merchandising of aviation content including WOW sponsored aviation events, the collective merchandising rights of flight teams, media programming and other intellectual and entertainment properties within the industry.

Through global multimedia channels, including broadcast, print, promotion, live event programming, and the Internet, WOW will become recognized as the "NASCAR" of sport and entertainment aviation.

WOW is currently developing strategic alliances with flight teams, event owners, media broadcasters, sponsors, merchandisers and other strategic partners to create appealing and lucrative business opportunities within the industry.

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Reno National Championship Air Race Coverage
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