Reno Air Racing: Thunder mustang Update!

Time Trial Results and
Action Update
By: Len Ashburn


Reno Air Races, Sept 13, 1999, First Qualification Day

Formula One Race 14, a Miller JM-3 pusher flown by Jim Miller, experienced a landing gear problem on landing during the morning flying period. Miller looped into the grass near the touchdown point on Runway 08 and sustained serious damage. The pilot was unhurt. The cause of the incident was an uncommanded retraction of the nose landing gear . Unlimited Race 17 The Ranch, a YAK-3M flown by James Nezgoda, lost control of his aircraft just after starting his takeoff roll in the first flying period. The aircraft drifted left touching the grass then raised its right wing and hopped off the ground. The left wing dragged the runway. The aircraft ground looped to the left into the desert to the left of runway 08, collapsing both main landing gear struts. The pilot was able to evacuate the aircraft unaided was received no injuries.

At 1:05 PM Unlimited Race 5 Voodoo with Bob Hannah flying was at speed on the course headed for pylon 4 when he suddenly called "Mayday". Immediately thereafter the loud clatter of a runaway propeller was head coming from the north. Hannah was heard to say "It just went away - he didn' know what happened." The former motorcycle moto-cross champion made an immediate left turn and set up a recovery pattern for runway 14. On final he asked if he was alright, that he had oil on the canopy. The race control told him he looked good and asked him to confirm gear down. Hannah confirmed in the affirmative and touched down well short of the critical point. He whooped with joy when he got the P-51 down safely and was rolling out. Post race inspection revealed that a hose failed in the high pressure line feeding the prop governor. The prop went to flat pitch runaway which is about like deploying a drag chute. At the time Hannah was well above the course making an using his deceleration to paint Voodoo on in a schoolbook demonstration of an engine out emergency. His engine was trashed and will be replaced starting Tuesday morning. The crew remarked about the engine change, "we've done this a lot!"

SPORT CLASS - The sport class is attracting a lot of attention from manufacturers. Some of them are having composite aftermarket blades installed in the Hartzell hubs. Word reached us today that the Race 99 Lancair owned by Dave Morss was clocked at 319 MPH on spectator watches.

COYOTE COUNTRY - Adding a little levity to the serious business of sport flying, a desert coyote wandered onto the taxiway during James Nezgoda's Yak debacle and delivered a small message in full view of
the crowd.

Official Times Posted at Race Headquarters:

Race 4 "Dago Red" P-51 Bruce Lockwood 479.237 MPH
Race 11 P-51 "Miss America" Brent Hisey 412.522 MPH
Race 66 Sea Fury "Fury" Howard Pardue 403.689 MPH
Race 2 Yak "Maniyak" Tom Camp 350.547 MPH
Race 47 P-51 "Ole Yeller" John Bagley 349.204 MPH
Race 81 P-51 "Lady Jo" Robert Patterson 336.018 MPH
Race 68 P-51 "Val Halla" Gen. Bill Anders 329.430 MPH

Formula One:
Race 4, "Alley Cat" Ray Cote 252.219 MPH
Race 39 "Shadow" Dan Gilbert 241.971 MPH
Race 92 "Yellow Peril" Eric Matheson 224.639 MPH
Race 57 "Aggressor" Robert Jones 218.246 MPH
Race 45 "Quadnickel" Jay Jones 183.391 MPH

Race 13 "One Armed Bandit" Robert Jones 186.352 MPH
Race 16 "Reno Rabbit" Frank Jerant 181.195 MPH
Race 97 "Tin Buddy" Cliff Magee 160.494 MPH
Race 14 "Redline Spl." Mike Taylor 155.738 MPH
Race 77 "Rich's Brew" Richard Beardsley 133.892 MPH

Race 17 "Glasair III" Jeff Wernli 234.975 MPH


The 1999 Reno National Championship Air Races Will Be Held September 16-19 At Stead Field, Reno Nevada. Qualifying and Practice Events Run September 13-15 And Offers Some Of The Most Exciting Action Of The Entire Week. For Ticket And Lodging Information go to:

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