Reno Air Racing: Reno '98 Action Report

RENO '98
Day Two Action Report


Day two of qualifying for the 1998 Reno National Championship Air Races wound down with several rain showers moving through the area. Race Control was forced to close the course for a short time at about 4:PM when the worst of the squalls moved through. By 5:00 the sky had cleared enough for a few last attempts at getting in the show. Yes folks...we're running until 6:00 this year! The addition of the two new classes has made for not only a crowded ramp (parking space for airplanes is at a premium) it has run the organizers and racers ragged attempting to get everything done in the amount of time available to do it....Today's rain delay did nothing to help this.

As the last drops fell, Brent Hisey managed to fly the beautiful, "Miss America" into the show. This was a welcome outcome after a nerve wracking mayday earlier in the day forced Hisey to bring the Red White & Blue racer down for a beautifully executed emergency landing. Problem solved-Airplane and pilot in the show! Ike Enns closed the day with his qualifying effort, placing his mount "Miracle Maker" into the show, with a respectable 360.056 on the results chart

Earlier in the day "Hurricane" Bob Hannah blistered the course with the repaired "Voodoo" (the aircraft formerly known as Voodoo Chile:) A scary mayday yesterday: smoke in the cockpit, caused by too-short stacks heating up the slick new cowling, cut short the first day attempt by this team. Bob's 452.459 speed not only puts quiet those that have wondered if he could handle the newer-faster "Voodoo", it firmly places the team in first place position! Way to go TEAM!!

We reported yesterday that the boys on Team Miss Ashley II had the rubber bands wound a bit tighter than last year..... If the broad smiles worn by all at their pit today are any indication, they may have found a way to wind them even tighter...... Stay tuned on this one. We don't know just what ol' Bill has up his sleeve...but he was smiling wider than anyone! We managed a close look at the new carbon-fiber leading edge unveiled this year at Oshkosh..... Smooth is too slight a word for the surface of this wing.... you simply have to view it to believe that *anything* can be made that slick.... New gear doors finish the aero-mods made to the already slippery racer. One can only wonder just what the final top speed of this demon will someday be. This airplane is still in it's infancy and already a contender.....We say again.......STAY TUNED!

Jimmy Leeward rolled into town for a landing today with the always good looking race #9 "Cloud Dancer" Weather for tomorrow is forecast for sunny and 86 degrees.... Leeward should have no problems getting the airplane qualified and into the race.

After several times out on the course Monday, we talked to the less than happy "Riff Raff" Crew Chief, Jim Skinner. "We have a few adjustments to make" was his reply to our "how'zitgoin?" question... Looks like overnight they found the right spot for the "adjustee". Former Astronaut, Robert "Hoot" Gibson, turned in a waay respectable 383.808 with the large red&white airplane with the AAFO.COM sticker on its tail.......I guess this would make AAFO.COM the fastest website on the Internet!! <aahem> =8-P

That's a wrap for today. We'll have final day's qualifying results for the unlimited entries tomorrow as well as the finals for the many other classes in our Reno '98 Day Three Update!

story by: Wayne Sagar

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