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click image for more of INTREPID!! INTREPID !!!!!
We promised you more of this story...
Hal Dantone intends to unleash his hi-tech composite racer on the pylons at Reno..... Stay tuned....this could be a good one!
click image for NEXT PISTON SHOW! A Look At The Future Of Air Racing!?!:
From the looks of what's coming Air Racing has a very bright future......
click image for RED HEAT! Eyeeesss LEFT!!-
How many horses can you bolt onto a Yak?!? Mark digs up the details on this HOT Russian Immigrant....(updated 3/14)


In this continuing series, we interview the people
responsible for making Championship Air Racing
The Worlds Fastest Motor Sport !!
click here for interview People Who Race: Lyle Shelton
Recently nominated to the MotorSports Hall of Fame, Lyle Shelton is one of the most familiar names in this sport. Together with the long-time favorite of many at Reno, Rare Bear, he will remain a legend in this branch of motor racing for all time.
click here for interview People Who Race: Bill "Kerch" Kerchenfaut
For over thirty years he has devoted his life to making airplanes go fast, and fast they are! For the last 12 years he has been involved with making "Strega" one of the fastest entries to ever fly at Reno! We talk to him about racing; from his entry to the sport in 1968 through his years of experience and beyond, into the future of the Worlds Fastest MotorSport!
click here for Bill Rogers interview People Who Race: Bill Rogers
We first reported on this new aircraft last July. Since then it's appearance at the 1997 Reno National Championship Air Races
turned many heads with both it's promising performance and just plain good looks! We talk with the designer and builder of "Miss Ashley II" in this edition of "People Who Race"
click here for story People Who Race: Vlado Lenoch pt. II -
"Moonbeam McSwine" pilot Vlado Lenoch, puts you in the cockpit with him as he takes us through the race week at Reno '97!
click here for Vlado Lenoch interview People Who Race: Vlado Lenoch- In this first installment of the "People Who Race" series, MoonBeam McSwine pilot, Vlado Lenoch tells us how he became interested in air racing.


As Reno '97 Fades To Memory.... Coverage of the 1997 Reno National Championship Air Races-

Oshkosh letter: Tom Giertz sends us this "letter" from Oshkosh '98.

Reno Air Race Competition Class; Information and Rules- Rundown of the different types of aircraft you will see competing at the annual event!

What does a P-51 flyby sound like? Click here to find out.
(WARNING! This sound has been known to become very addicting, causing mass gatherings of the afflicted.... annually.... at RENO!)

Many More Air Race Photos- Visit our gallery pages for some really FAST planes!

Links To Related Pages-
(Support Air Racing Visit These Sites Often!)

Team Strega- The official site of the 1997 champion, filled with photos specs and details of this beautiful Mustang racer. This team had a problem on landing in this years final race and have a damaged aircraft to repair. They have a really fine on-line store with lots of racing goodies. Show your support of Championship Air Racing.....

Rare Bear- This team also had problems at the finish of the '97 Unlimited Gold event.. The Rare Bear site has a good history of the plane and it's pilots, plus access to Rear Bear Wear!
Lyle needs our support right now, more than ever... visit this site your support!

Huntress III- This beautifully prepared racer has an equally well prepared website.

Miss America- Another nice site, lots of information on one of the most attractive Reno Air Racers of all.

Sport Class Racing Website- Official website of the newly formed race group, to compete this September at Reno!

T-28 Racing Website- Check out this newly added racing class!

Super Tug!- If you race an airplane, this is the tug of choice!

If you have any information on off season racing activity of any team, or a link to a race team website, or just want to say hello, drop us a note at....


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