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Tunica Air Races 2005- Complete Action Report Wrap-Up

As the first annual Tunica Air Races fade into the history of this grand portion of the world of motor sport, the Reno National Championship Air Races are a scant few weeks away. Join us as we recap the week of racing with a regrouping of our stories leading up to and from the event and two new stories by Wayne Sagar and Birgitta Nurmi.

Tunica Wrap up by Wayne Sagar Tunica Air Races 2005 Final Report On June 2, 2005, racing history was made when the first annual Tunica (Mississippi) Air Races officially opened for multi-class competition - report by Wayne Sagar... [read more]
Tunica Wrap Up Report by Birgitta Nurmi Yes There Really Was A Tunica Air Race... Twenty-two racers came to Tunica representing three classes. The audience numbered more than 20.000 - report by Birgitta Nurmi... [read more]
Ride in a Mustang to Tunica Mississippi A Ride To Tunica What's it like to ride herd on six warbirds while on an accross the nation flight to the first annual Tunica, Mississippi Air Races? Air racing veteran Larry Rengstorf takes us along on his "ride to Tunica"... [read more]
Tunica Air Races Report Brian Sanders Wins Inagural Heat Race Weather delays and inevitable first race teething problems have been overcome and the first day of racing at Tunica, Mississippi is in the books!... [read more]
Onsite report Thursday Tunica Air Races On-Site Report - Thursday Day one is in the bag, we're chomping at the bit to get back out for some more action! Enjoy a few photos and words from the Tunica Mississippi Air Races... [read more]
Onsite report Monday Ramping Up For Tunica Air Races We've not only been enjoying the wonderful southern hospitality of the people here, we have been watching the "ramping up" process for this brand-new Air Race!... [read more]
Tunica Air Races Once in a Lifetime Opportunity at Tunica
The Tunica Air Races and Air Show is offering a once in a lifetime chance to ride in a P-51 Mustang for participants who purchase their tickets to the Air Race and Show by Friday, June 3 ..
[read more]
Tunica Air Races LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE HAVE A RACE! The Tunica Air Racing Association has just announced the commitment and the lineup for the inaugural Tunica Air Races, scheduled for June 02, through June 05, 2005.... [read more]
Tunica Air Races Looks Like We've Got Another Air Race If you had read a about an upcoming air race early this year, you probably wouldn't have considered it news... unless, of course, this air race happened to be somewhere other than Reno ... [read more]


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