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Rare Bear Propeller Swap Testing 06-07-04
Photos by Mike Gallagher

If you follow the reports on the Hangartalk message board, you're undoubtedly aware of the potential for a new look on the Rare Bear this September.. The team is reporting in, the swap has been made and testing is underway. AAFO's Mike Gallagher was on scene today and has submitted these photos of the engine runs..

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The Rare Bear crew on the propeller swap and engine work:

Crew Chief, Elliott White:
"Hi all, we pulled her out of the hanger and started her up on Sat. We did 2 runs and so far every thing is good. John is coming to town on Sun. and we are going to try and fly on Mon. As most of you know we put the 4 bladed propeller on the plane it does not look right to me but we will see how it goes. We are going to do as many ground runs on Sun. as we can while getting ready to fly I will let everyone know when we fly."

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Pilot, John Penney: "Regarding engine work, our incredible crew, along with the management skills of Sharon Coates have all of our reworked cylinders back, and four have been installed on the engine.

The four blade propeller, which was a trade to "Critical Mass" while we ran with one of their carbs, is being installed for testing. We hope to get enough data to make a quick, accurate decision on whether we will run with the 3-blade, or the 4-blade this year. At this time, technical rationale for this potential swap is being held close to the team. We'll expound more later after we make the decision.

Meanwhile, while I've been unable to secure that large corporate sponsorship, Sharon Coates has been doing a marvelous job running the fan-sponsor program, and we are in a better position now than we were this time last year. Eliott White, our new Crew Chief, has been plugging along tirelessly with all the other "Reno Mechs", and we anticipate having the plane back in the air in a few days. We plan to collect 4-blade data at the Pylon Racing School, 17-20 June.

We'll have more after testing is complete and after PRS.

So, for now, the "Bear" is STILL back!"

More later, as always -Stay Tuned-


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