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Thread: World Speed Record Broken - Steadfast Will Whiteside

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    Will Whiteside flying Steadfast is being honored by NAA on March 13th for 3km record flight.

    Washington, DC, January 31, 2012 -- The National Aeronautic Association (NAA), as the official record keeper for United States aviation and space, each year tracks dozens of world and national record attempts. New U.S. records are certified and those qualifying as world records are then ratified with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the world air sports federation. At the end of each year, under the direction of the Contest and Records Department, a list of the "most memorable" is created. Here is the list for 2011

    Speed Over a Three Kilometer Course: 416 mph
    (record for piston airplanes weighing 3,858 < 6,614 lbs)
    In a series of four low passes along runway 8-26 at Wendover, Utah, Will Whiteside flew an average speed of 416 mph in his Yak-3. His flight on October 11 beat the previous record of
    304 mph set in 2002.

    Reference NAA web site for details of others being honored.

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    More Congratulations for Will and his team

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