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    Pt. Mugu airshow.... An F-4 Phantom from VX-4 crashed during a delta formation break for landing. The Phantom, last plane in the four ship flight, which included two F-14's and another F-4. was just beginning its break for landing. As the aircraqft began its break, smoke began to trial back from one of the engines. It looked like a fuel dump, or a smoke discharge from a smoke system. The smoke lasted about 2-3 seconds. and the aircraft appeared to continued normally. I looked away to watch the F-14 proceed down wind leg. As I looked back there was a fire ball and I saw no chutes. At home on the news video tapes showed RIO exiting A/C but almost immediately disappear behind fireball. The pilots seat can be seen firing but never clearing the plane. News reports no surviors.

    Lets all give a thought to the families...

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    Thank you for the information. Terrible, another one goes in, the feeling that comes over me every time these things happen is hard to describe. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those who were lost today.

    Blue Skies


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    As usual, the news has it wrong. I was there and at the site after. The aircraft came to rest about a quarter mile from the County Road. (Caspar) but within 10 feet of the dirt road leading to the duck hunting club. See my post on WAP

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