I am looking for Dan Plunkett.. it appears from previous posts he passed away in 2008.. which explains why i have lost track of him... does anyone have any contact with his sons. one? i think is also named Dan or Daniel?. or Sister Kathy or ex wife Sandy etc.. last known address was in Oregon or Washington. he lived for a fair while in Seaside,CA than Later in San Jose..

thanks Marc Goldman Seaside, CA marcwb6dce@sbcglobal.net

now since you guys like air shows.. there will be a small one in Hollister,CA this weekend may 28 and 29 http://www.hollisterairshow.com/
I will be there with my old ww11 army jeep.. quite a few war birds live at Hollister.. this show fills the vacuum left when the date of the Watsonville show was moved to Labor Day when the weather is better.. often foggy and overcast in Watsonville this time of year