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Just to add another first-hand perspective, here's a couple links w/Skip Holm's pilot report on flying the HA-1112 "Buchon" version, w/some good Me/Bf-109 history notes included regarding the later 109 variants:



(Think this might've been prev. posted on a different thread / The late Mark Hanna also wrote a good pilot report on flying the HA-1112 Buchon - the plane which he was flying when he was tragically killed, unfortunately)

Mark indeed did write a great account of flying the buchon... i cant remember exactly where it was.. I had the honor of meeting both Mark and Ray Hanna several years when i was priviliged enough to be a ramp rat at the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshows, Mark and Ray were often found leaning over the fences talking to spectators about the airplanes they were displaying, they were always approachable and loved talking to the fans.
They brought 2 different 109's to Wanaka, one their own Buchon that he was later killed in, and a DB605 powered G-10.