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Thread: Rapid Travel Ver 2.0 Update

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    yes those are georges legs and feet...between his knees seconds before was the radio stack....we are VERY lucky to have such a tough pilot!!
    Jim Adams
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    As previously answered, yes, you can see George's legs and feet quite clearly.

    I was very surprised to see how quick the wreck was on the video. I remember it happening quickly, though that video and then the still I have just reinforce how violent it was.

    Glad to have the photos of him walking to the ambulance. It sure makes posting these pictures easier on the soul!

    Any news on George's plans for the future? Is he done racing?



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    Has there been any investigation/finding on what broke? A friend and I (sitting in the main grandstand) both commented that the engine sounded "sour" coming by home pylon at the start of the mayday lap.

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