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Thread: Happy B-Day evan

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    Default Happy B-Day evan

    Hope you have a great day,keep up with your interviews and have fun!!!See you at wings over the wine country airshow....stop by the r/c guys and say hi...I will be flying a big aerobatic yak 54
    Jim Adams
    Blue Thunder 2 crew
    Picabo race 51 crew
    Rapid Travel race 75 crew

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    Evan's away this week at Russian River with a bunch of friends but I speak to him every evening. (I had to stay home and work on the "honey-do" list)

    I'll tell him that you wrote and I know it'll put a huge smile on his face!
    We'll look for you at WOWC!


    Evan's dad Tim

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    Default Re: Happy B-Day evan

    Happy birthday Evan and keep your dreams. Thanks, KC

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    Thanks guys!!!!


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