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Thread: Tsunami construction photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAD2LTR View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I'd be thrilled to see Furias on the ramp ready to go. Still, if Tsunami comes back close to where it was when it crashed, EVERYONE will need their A game to beat it. Heck, if they are running 470s out of the box, you can bet they will learn a ton in that first year back. There is also the possibility that things will be learned as it goes together that will fill in some of the questions that are as of yet unanswered. I guess its possible they could come back different, yet just as fast as when they left.
    Can Furias run 490s? Maybe? 232 went 480, more power, and reliability (hopefully) might do the trick.

    The return of both of these could pull Strega, Voodoo and????? Time will tell. I just think Tsunami is one of the coolest racers in history. When it comes to inlines, Tsunami and Stiletto are my favorites hands down. I got to see both race in the 80s, but I've never seen Furias race. I'm looking forward to seeing that. Still, I want to see Tsunami become the first non warbird to win Gold.

    All perfectly stated. Tsunami truly is the most anticipated to come back from a broader perspective as she isn’t a warbird and can really draw a HUGE audience of racers and fans alike back to the sport.

    Furias has always been my favorite racer even back to the single white prop days. I thought the white/orange/blue scheme looked awesome and her new scheme is hands down the best lookin racer in existence as of right now. Her and Tsunami both have a lot of untapped potential and I hope they’re both back out there sooner rather than later.
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    Looks like there has been some more work done. The Right horizontal is looking pretty good. Hopefully there will be an official update here.

    From the Rebuild Tsunami FB page.


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    Default Re: Tsunami construction photos


    That is good news. Thanks for sharing that good intel with your friends here that do not Facebook.

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