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Thread: Where are they now?

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    Default Where are they now?

    Digging through old photos I came up with a few planes that I never see anymore. Anyone have any ideas where thes planes are? The photo below is from Oshkosh 1991.

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    Default Oshkosh 1993

    Here is one from 1993. Also what about the black Mustang that you get a glimpse of in the background. I remember this one was at EAA seemingly every year.

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    Default F8F 1993

    I remember this Bearcat crashed just after takeoff in 93. Has it been rebuilt?

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    Default Cottomouth 1993

    Again EAA 1993. Still Racing??

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    Default F7F 1993

    Again 1993. This is one of the most beautiful airplanes I have ever seen. After 1993 though I have not seen it again.

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    Default Miss Ashley II 1999

    Sadly we all know what happened to Miss Ashley II. This is from Oshkosh 1999. Please excuse the poor quality photo.

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    Default Miss Ashley II 1998

    Here is a clearer photo from a year earlier.

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    Default 1992

    One last pic from the Quad Cities air show in 1992. I have never seen this airplane since.

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    Default the first mustang with a z on the tail

    If I remember it was in Kissimmee as being hangared at Tom Reilly restoration at Kissimmee, Fla.....that was 92 is though....
    Randy Rheinschild

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    Default Some info

    This might help you out a bit. Maybe someone can give more up to date and accurate info.

    Angels Playmate: http://www.p-51mustangs-aliveandwell...44-63810.shtml

    Black P-51 in background (maybe): http://www.p-51mustangs-aliveandwell...44-63889.shtml

    Bearcat: "Gulfhawk IV" Owned by Elmer Ward, Crashed at Osh. I believe it was restored by Fighter Rebuilders at Chino.

    F7F: Part of the Lone Star Flight Museum out of Galveston, TX. Website said it is still part of the museum.

    P-51 Sierra Sue: http://www.p-51mustangs-aliveandwell...44-63675.shtml

    Bill Pearce

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