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    Its been about a day and my post still not here????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaustgases View Post
    Its been about a day and my post still not here????
    If we allow new members who sign up to have their posts shown immediately, we get a TON of SPAM messages.. linking to sites which promote things like VIAGRA to teen porn websites..

    This is just how we have to do it....

    Of course, we usually can get to filtering this stuff right away but in case you have not noticed, it's race week and we're all a little busy..

    Bear with us....
    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"

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    I recently saw a document on Discovery channel about engine efficiency and early car engines produced 1 hp per one liter of cubature ( 1000 ccm ). Best F-1 turbo engine did 1 hp pro one cubic centimeter !!!

    Lately I have been drawing a plane with 2 x 22 hp model engines ( also used in Cri Cri ) of 210 roughly 10 cubic centimeters produce 1 hp. This is not a turbo engine. Very cheap and has same twin reliability as Cri Cri does.

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    BTW: Those huge marine engines have rpm of 100 and are 2 -stroke !

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    The first windmills pumped water in America. To sustain this good tradition, I developed a little more modern sytem for the production of electric current in a similar way of pumping water.Whether American landscape views, are water sphere.I decided to add this view to the next shot where the water will be collected water so that it could give electrical energy when draining it back into the lower reservoir.

    This water will be pumped sphery as in the first versions of windmills, wind.
    The wind turbine will move a small diameter, but it is a multi-blade, placed together with the hydraulic pump in the middle of a specially constructed balloon. Balloon will be tethered, as previously barrage balloons.
    Only that will go along the line, hydraulic pipes, the hydraulic motor, which will be driven water pump located in the lower reservoir.The water pump will continuously pump water to sphery. Now the water falling from the lower reservoir back to the shery, will do an electric current through hydrogenerator.

    Every so water sphere about the capacity of 2000 m 3, and the height 100 m can give power 10 MW for 3 minutes. If filling pumps water with the one I believe loss is managing to fill waters up, we will have it 10 MW driven with wind turbine in balloons.
    Of course, the balloons could be filled up by hydrogen, because today we have very good material on the shell.
    This system could be installed in any place where electricity is needed, and thus would have limited losses on the transfer.
    Also low noise, and the invisibility of the rotating blades, not to interfere in coexistence with the environment.Balloons can be affixed to a height of 150 to 200 meters, where the wind is always blowing on the ground even when there is absolute silence.
    some links:!

    Of course, two rotate in one direction and two in the opposite direction.
    You must use a very light hydraulic oil. If it were not frozen in winter.
    Hydraulic pump in the balloon has the best power to weight ratio. All the airlines are working on the hydraulic actuators.
    Of course, all of the balloon must be tested in the wind tunnel aerodynamic, in order to fully match the efficiency of the 21st century
    Some pictures of how to create a balloon from the inside

    and NASCAR wind tunnel

    There is a way to shorten a bit of flexible hydraulic tube...

    Well, if it accidentally escaped gas from the balloon and so it can be

    Name : Jazz Big Band

    Rotating Dixieland Yoda.

    Next Dixieland :

    To those dixielnds can efficiently drive Hydraulic, it may have, no peaks of specialized software, use the links below.

    A new way of sailing through a balloon which has the wind, and transmits energy to the propeller using hydraulics

    And sailing version of the Venturi jets

    Regards Andrew

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    My version of car wind.Solo of trumpet

    Will test whether it could be faster than the wind... Boat too....

    You never know what is beyond the present ...

    Ice boat

    But faster than the wind, it is possible ....

    But perhaps the experience of the Ice Race can to help you change the aerodynamics in F1?
    But in F1, there are winds above 300 km / h !
    Fighter aircraft F-104 starts at a similar velocity. Right then, about 700 KG per 1 square meter load.
    If using a well-sculpted are did the 700 KG used to accelerate boild F1 ......

    I think that not everything has been said in the aerodynamics of F1.....

    700 KG at 1 m^2 - 70 KG forward at 10 dcm^2 aditional F1 wings....

    Regards Andrew

    Can it save fuel by using the wings ??

    It all depends on how clever way it uses the wing...

    Ice Boat

    Or, the cyclist can get speed of 200 km / h?
    And they like to ride in the peleton?

    The Phisics of sailing

    Regards Andrew

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    It should be approached with great reverence for history...
    At this film see why Crecy was in the half of the road. Simply moving the heat from the cylinder is very difficult way to get to the fins ...

    But my engine, as befits the end of the road ,a little better light, even though this is only the second prototype.

    Regards Andrew
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    This problem ereting widmill towers ,
    can be resolved with Jazz Big Band. Just half of the turbine rotates in one direction and half in another page.

    I did this study in the Venturi nozzle turbine and the calculations have a rather surprising results. Back to front.

    Well, energy is the same at the entrance, like a normal windmill. Only I noticed that the amount of energy produced by the windmill, the third power (cube)depends on the speed of the wind.
    Windmill depends on the diameter of the second power (sqare).
    So I started with a lot of it is better to improve the efficiency of wind turbine using wind speed increases, and not via increasing the diameter of the fan.
    Serves to increase the velocity venturi nozzle

    V^3 , D ^2

    As curiosity I enter the number of Hp has the arrangement of 15 m / sec. = 270 Hp

    You probably use a turbine engine derived from a helicopter, to generate such energy

    Regards Andrew

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    Compare the speed with which the headrest will swim to the surface of the sail of 10 m ^ 2 and the wind of 5 m / s.

    And now a windmill with a diameter D = 3m and also velocity of 5 m / s, which gives the power of 0.3 Hp.
    and serve to drive the screw boat.
    Now compare that with the boat that run much faster ???

    It seems to me that, however, by usin 'the wind turbines are inefficient and primitive.

    But surely the best helicopter pilots know that the strength of fast-rotating propellers is huge ..

    [quote name='gruntguru' post='4676256' date='Oct 28 2010, 23:33']Try to follow the logic in my post. If you keep making the venturi constriction smaller the power goes up and up. Wrong! You cannot get something for nothing. There is only so much power in the wind flowing through a given cross section area and conservation of energy says the power will not increase as you move along a venturi. A good windmill will extract 50% of the available energy from a given cross section area of wind. There is no magic that will increase that by a factor greater than 2, in fact 59% is the (Betz's Law) limit for wind turbines of any type so modern wind turbines can achieve over 80% of the theoretical limit.[/quote]

    Oh yes, this theoretical limit of 80%, but for the most primitive machinery ?
    And there is an error in assuming that we count the most primitive machine.
    Plain sail is much more perfect than a windmill.
    And here we see that the wind has a lot more energy than even 100% of the energy windmill

    See how high can the waves rush in, only at the surface, blowing. The waves are also wind energy

    The nozzle wenturi use all surfaces of the input, multiplied by the weight of the wind (the amount of air flow in kilograms)
    And it is this mass air flow causes the nozzle is formed in high speed. Even after leaving the nozzle cone is longer than the cone input. The air mass of his "draws even more through the nozzles

    This is just like a sports car exchaust tubes . When calculating the length and diameter, are taken into account also the mass of gas flowing.

    And there is no mass flow of great importance in the calculation of the weight just pulls out their remnant gas from the cylinder, and even causes an inflow of fresh air. Without any widmil.
    Note that in my last example, is given by the mass flow entrusted Venturi. And it amounts to 48 tonnes per second. It is the burden of two wagons loaded in 1 second.

    A pipe with a length of 500 meters and a diameter of 100m, at a speed of 15 m / s
    there is a 1600 tons of air, which has its energy.

    This is the weight of two freight trains. Try to stop them. Ride at 50 km / h

    New widmil theory

    And new dixieland:

    Regards Andrew
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    New animations half rotate engine:

    And in scale 1:1 350 ccm intake volume: Save file

    or" Twin Feliks "

    or other new idea...

    The cylinder can be made from an aluminum extrude...

    Regards Andrew

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