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Thread: Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??

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    Default Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??

    I was just curious about the response you guys see in different parts of the USA. I am amazed how the Red Bull air races just took off and is all over the country, and almost everybody I talk to has heard of them. I am equally amazed at how little people know about the Reno Air Races. Don't get me wrong... I do run into people that know about it. But it is very small comparatively. We are talking about the Fastest, Most Dangerous motosport in the world. It seems that anybody who has horsepower running in their veins and a heart beat would crave this sport if they could only experience it. Look at Nascar.... the interest is there.. just not the exposure or money. More exposure, bigger sponsors, more aftermarket interest, faster planes, bigger purse, MORE AIR RACING!!!
    My heart starts beating again in September.

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    Default Re: Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??

    Here in Reno we have 2 billboards, one news story and I have yet to hear a radio add...
    There's been much more pushing the balloon races and MUCH more pushing this weeks rib cook-off.
    If it's not a big deal here it won't be anywhere else.

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    Hope nobody gets mad at me for beating the "Thunder Over Reno" drum again but.. having just got off the phone yesterday with one of the Exec Producers of the movie...

    One of the main purposes in making the movie was to get it in front of an entirely new generation of viewers and introduce them to the sport.

    I know, when some of you die-hards see it, you're going to grumble that it's not "accurate".. PLEASE try to remember that the FLYING IS accurate to the extreme.. and if the movie were accurate, we'd have a documentary and the new audience we seek to bring into the sport would never get to or want to see it.

    Those of you who do get to the premier, it will be a "Producer's Cut" showing, a "thankyou" to the air race community and the fans of the sport. It will be slightly different than the cut that will be shown in theaters.. i.e. MORE FLYING..

    Those of you who do get to make it and ticket availability announcement is in the works as we speak, show your appreciation! These guys pulled this movie out of their.. .well.. a lot of people went out on a really long limb to bring this thing about.

    They want to grow the sport and the only way to do it is to put it in front of the younger crowd.. the crowd that the marketing folks play to...

    The demographics of the audience at RENO has to change or the sport will die with us old fogies!


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    Default Re: Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??

    Old? Who you callin' old? I'm just as energetic and sharp as I ever....zzzzz.....where was I?
    If Top Gun and Days of Thunder had been accurate enough for the "rivet counters" they never would have had the crowd appeal and created interest in their subjects.
    They're dealing with a group here that would never be happy, we'd find SOMETHING wrong (I'm not allowed to speak during any movie with airplanes or military backgrounds at home. Neither is my son), an oil streak in the wrong place, spray bar not enough, we'll find it. Bring it on! I don't care how corny I'll watch it just to see racers somewhere besides my home video!

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    Default Re: Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??

    [Is there enough Air racing exposure out there??]



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    Obviously, the short and to-the-point answer is a big fat "NO!!!"

    Even the big aviation magazines don't give it much coverage. An event that draws over a quarter of a million aviation enthusiasts for 4+ days every year, only earns a 2 page spread in Flying, Plane & Pilot, etc. And usually it's done as somewhat of an afterthought. Shoved in the back 3rd of the magazine somewhere to take up space.

    The only time I've seen the races on TV is a few years back, ESPN played a very edited, recorded, show at like 2AM in February. Another attempt to take up space during an otherwise boring sports segment.

    Anyway, I really do hope the TOR movie brings the sport to the attention of otherwise unknowing sports/racing fans. Unfortunately, the realist in me tells me not to expect it at my local theater. I have a fealing that it will have a very limited theater distribution, and could possibly go straight to DVD. I just don't feel that there's an audiance base out there that would support a very widespread release.

    Hopefully I'm wrong.......


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe S.
    Too bad the IMAX movie was never finished. That would have been awesome!
    Other giant screen projects are in the works. Stay tuned ...

    In the meantime ...

    August 28, 2007

    Lucas taps Ridley to write 'Tails'
    Filmmaker exec producing WWII movie


    George Lucas has hired John Ridley to write "Red Tails," a WWII action adventure about the Tuskegee Airmen based on a story by Lucas, who is financing development through his Lucasfilm production company and exec producing.

    Pic charts a group of young pilots as they overcame racism to form the Tuskegee Airmen, a distinguished group of fliers who broke the aviation color barrier to become the first African-American fighter pilots in U.S. military history.

    Lucas, who has been busy with the fourth installment of "Indiana Jones," has long had a passion for the Tuskegee Airmen, whose planes were distinguished by the red-painted tails that give the film its title.

    He hired Ridley after reading "L.A. Riots," the Universal/Imagine drama Ridley just turned in to director Spike Lee. Ridley's just getting off the ground on "Red Tails" after meeting with the surviving pilots at a convention in Texas.

    Rick McCallum and Charles Floyd Johnson are producing.

    "These were guys who had to figure everything out for themselves, because military units were completely segregated at the time and there was no seasoned war pilot to teach them," Ridley said. "President Roosevelt formed the unit as a publicity stunt because he wanted the black vote for his re-election campaign, but these guys were such skilled pilots that they ended up becoming true heroes by escorting ers in North Africa and Italy."

    Ridley added: "ILM will make the fight sequences come alive, and make you feel what it must have been like to be 19 and flying in a fighter plane."

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