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    This being my first visit to PRS, will you guys clue me in on where to park, where to watch, what to bring with me and most importantly, is there to be a gathering or meeting place for members of this board? It would be kinda neat to meet everybody.
    Any and all advice will be appreciated.


    Norm in Fresno

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    Unless something crops up, PRS has allowed spectators to drive right in and park on the deadline. It's very nice.


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    I think the best way to think of PRS is that it is a school with classes in progress. Just happens to be held at an airport.

    Airport access has never been limited by the governing body during their racing school, to my knowledge, at least.... With the possible exception of one individual who had made some threatening statements...

    With the school thought in mind and keeping in mind that limited resources are available for "crowd control" during the school, everyone has to really be on their toes to control themselves.

    So far, I've been at every PRS since the first one and the folks who have shown up have done an excellent job of keeping a low profile and not causing anyone any heartburn.

    Hopefully, if we all continue to do this, the June school will always be a place where a quick "fix" till September can be had.

    Important to remember, there have not been any vendors on site in year's past (that I can remember) so bring LOTS of water and be prepared to shag out for lunch, etc.. Pick up your own trash and the stuff the "other" guy misses and we all should be in great shape!


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    With the possible exception of one individual who had made some threatening statements...
    Same one who's picture was circulated to gate personnel last year with the statement "refuse entry"?
    My best advice for PRS, like Waynes, is stay out of the way, pick up after yourself and leave them nothing to regret our visits.
    It's a unique chance to see some of this sport without the bells, whistles and restrictions usually there.
    Wish it was over the weekend tho. Guess the kid will have to take pics and video for me.

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