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Thread: Oshkosh 2002 Pics now up

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    Thumbs up Oshkosh 2002 Pics now up

    Check out this picture and others from this years Oshkosh Fly-In.
    Unfortunately in every shot the famous Wisconsin grey sky appears. The weather on Saturday was terrible.

    All of the long shots were taken with a Canon L series zoom. It continues to amaze me how sharp "L" glass is. I have only had the lense a few months, and while exspensive it was worth it. My cheap flatbed scanner does not do the photos justice.

    Finally, I'm looking forward to Reno and some BLUE SKY!!!

    Here is the link,

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    Any suggestions or comments from the AAFO professional photographers out there.

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    I know the weather sucked. That is why I'm looking forward to Reno. I was there in 2000, but not with the lenses I have now.

    At Oshkosh I was using all Canon stuff. The close ups are with a 28-105mm, all the long stuff was with either my 70-200 f/4 L, or my 300mm f/4L, on a lot of the shots the 1.4 extender was also used. I was not in front on the flight line but just behind the front row. I will have the 2.0X with me at Reno also.

    The camera is a Elan IIe, and I was using 100 speed Kodak Royal Gold.

    The scanner is a Umax 3400 flatbed, and unsharp mask was used after scanning in Photoshop 6.

    As far as attacking Reno I just get as close as I can in the pits, as they fly by, and warmup. I also try to shoot some from the stands. I will have a Bogen monopod with me so I won't struggle so much to hold the camera still with the long lenses, plus extenders on.

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