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    I have posted on other forums but this one just seems to fit the request I have this time. After a couple years of research I have come to realize that you can almost never ask enough vintage airplane enthusaists for photos! Could I have some help from this group to search your collections for vintage Lockheed 10 and 12 photos? Right now I am specifily looking for vintage interior shots for the Lockheed 12.

    Always on the hunt for photos to add to my Spartan and Lockheed photo pages at

    Thanks in advance and Blue Skies,

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    Default Re: Vintage photo request

    Website-wise try
    they tend to lean toward the older stuff.
    ----------------------------------------------- Paul

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    Default Re: Vintage photo request


    I do have some nice stuff - sent you an e-mail.

    Blue skies
    Martin / Swiss Mustangs

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