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Thread: Georgia Mae

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    Just looking through the race database at the RARA site. Georgia Mae sure put up some nice speeds (430+) back in the day. Anyone know to what extent it was modified, race engine, etc.? It sure was a racy looking Mustang. We could use a few more of those in this day and age of the "attack of the Sea Furys"

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    Thread revival... Only because it is the next chapter in the planes racing history.

    It appears that Georgia Mae has been purchased by another of the top Sport class racers... That makes 3 sport class racers bumping into the unlimiteds. Jeff LeVelle, whoever bought Shockwave, and now Georgia Mae. There is a 4th top racer who is rumored to be making the move, but I don't know who. Just that one of the top guys has a project of some kind.


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