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    What is the story behind Pylon 1? I'm new around here and am just curious. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpine
    What is the story behind Pylon 1? I'm new around here and am just curious. thanks
    Alpine, was started by Mark Kallio in 1998 (or was it '99, help me here Mark). Mark and I got together here at just a few months after I started it in early 1997. The site then was called flightline and the website was well someone up Seattle way got a thorn about the name and for legal reasons, I had to change it, my attorney in the matter suggested something that was just initials and meant nothing to anyone.. so that's how this site became for All Aviation FlightLine OnLine because I wanted to ensure that the niche that was air racing would be exposed to the potentially higher visit count that aviation in general would produce... the idea worked... I've drifted off the answer to the question though..

    Anyway, Mark and I had a great time bringing news of our favorite sport to the web for a couple years and as sometimes things go, we decided to part and go our separate ways and mark formed

    He kept it going for several years until he had some very pressing personal issues, as we all do at times, and had to pay attention to the things that mattered most, family!

    Here a couple years ago, Mark and I got to talking out at pylon 8 one afternoon and began laying the bricks back of our somewhat tattered friendship.

    A few months ago, we got to talking and though I've not managed to make it possible for him to do it yet, we decided that Mark would come back into and reproduce some of the really good stuff that was formerly on, hence the header graphic that mark created for us to use on the main pages of was created and I asked him if he would consider putting on it as well..

    Long story short, my health has been really poor and I've not had my feet firmly enough on the ground to be able to spend the time to figure out the easiest way for ME to deal with some of the more advanced things that Mark has to offer in the reorganization of the website.. so I'm the weak link here on that front (oh the shame )

    My health is improving S-L-O-W-L-Y and I swear, I'm gonna do the easy thing, what I should have done months ago and just send mark the "keys" to the site and let him rip!

    Mark Kallio is about as dedicated to the promotion of the sport and aviation photography as anyone I know and having him back as a force on aafo, and especially, having him back as someone I can call FRIEND is about as sweet as it gets!

    I hope this was a good answer and did not get too "mushy" I've just learned a lot over the last few months about life and friendship and what counts and what matters and what does not!

    Markers, I owe ya a call! Got some cool stuff to talk about as long as I can keep my mouth wet enough to keep my tongue from sticking to my teeth

    Shoot me a PM with yer sched for the upcoming week!


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    Default Re: Pylon 1?

    Thanks for fielding that one for me Mr Wayners

    You know I'm here for ya bro - but also no pressure. When you feel up to it that will be the time we start brainstorming. You need to get well rested and back to 100%... the other stuff can wait. It's all good

    I'll be home all day tomorrow (overtime on Tuesday though). Just holler at me when you get a chance... never too busy to talk shop

    BTW: Thanks for all the kind words - most appriciated buddy.
    Mark K....

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    Talking Re: Pylon 1?


    Kumbaya, my lord....Kumbaya.......

    LOVE you guys!

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    Been reading this site since the flightline days. Real glad to see Mark back. Get well Wayne, we need both of you guys to promote air racing.

    Dan Plunkett

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