Just this Monday, when I was browsing the pictures from Nellis, I couldn't help but notice the "Glacier Girl." Now, I love all of the unlimiteds that race but it would be nice to see "any" P-38 come out and race. Not so much to win but just to be rounding the pylons. I know that "Glacier Girl" was finished just a short while ago but does anyone know if the are plans for here to be at Reno '05. That brigns me to another plane; I believe her name is "White Lightning" (sorry if I messed the name). I know that they are trying to put her back together after the crash but does anyone have a date of completion? Like I said before, I have no problem with the racers out there now, I would just love to see another twin out there besides "Big Bossman;" I just love the sound that a fast twin makes as it comes around the home pylon!!!