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Thread: Any links? Tips? Hints? ANYTHING?

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    Default Any links? Tips? Hints? ANYTHING?

    I've had Xtreme Air Racing since it was released 3 years ago. I also have Redline now, too. I seem to remember the old site had some really good docs on how to tweak your plane. Or maybe my memory is going. ANYWAY, I'm getting my butt kicked up and down the track on Gold. When I played the XAR1 I could mop the floor with the Digis.

    Does anyone have any info regarding setup techniques, flying techniques, anything that I can use on XAR2? Are there any major changes in the FM since 1?


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    Default Re: Any links? Tips? Hints? ANYTHING?

    I tune my plane through trial and error

    I do qualifying runs and get the best time I can.
    Then I make an adjustment and repeat the test.

    If my time improves, I keep the change

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    Smile Re: Any links? Tips? Hints? ANYTHING?

    All the setup tips I recall seeing applied only to early versions of XAR1. The digi's got a lot tougher with about 1.031 and I suspect they remain so in XAR2, which I have but still haven't found time to get up & running.

    I'm afraid it's just like in the real thing, you need some knowledge and a lot of trial and error.

    Good luck,


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