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Thread: XAR2 multiplayer capability

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    Default XAR2 multiplayer capability

    I investigated the multiplayer options.

    1) host will have to post/email/IM their IP address

    2) in theory, it allows 16 players to race.

    Now 16 planes causes quite a load on my computer. I can't imagine having 16 planes via internet improving the situation at all, but I am curious to find out

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    I have not used the xar software, but if you are interested in online air racing and have msfs 2004, you might like to visit

    There are racing sessions here twice a week in biplane and unlimited classes.

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    Those who have purchased this sim and found this message need to contact me and test this baby out.

    Forget the AI, we need an 8 or 16 plane multiplayer match

    It would be nice if at least three other people would check in this post as having high-speed online capability with Redline and then arrange a day/time to check this out.

    The more the merrier!!!

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    I'm here to try if we could be more than 3, that was the limit in the forst XAR release... .

    I think four would be great, and if it works, I'm sure we'll find the other four needed

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