What do you think? The ads pay squat most of the year, before we make any decisions, I would have to pull the actual stats, but I find the ads ANNOYING! Feels like FB, who figured out how to monetize discussion forums beyond what any single person or small group can compete!

I suspect I'd find that the ads, complete with the busy times, would provide about half the cost to keep the server running.

We *could* reside on a shared "box" for a lot less than we're paying for a dedicated box. Problem there, I can not offer you the same level of security I can on a dedicated box, as well as never having to worry about image storage for a LONG time with options to add additional drives.

I'd have to ask everyone to help me wit what will be about $1200 a year.. *IF* I can get the deal, pecker heads billed me for $2300. for this year because I forgot to turn off auto renew.. It was about 12 hun the first year... bandits!

Tossing it out there. I really do not want to get into shared hosting where we are a part of something like what we have now completely to ourselves. We could host up to 100 sites on this box. we used to have several including the Heritage Cup, Delmar Benjamin, Lefty's White Lightnin...and a bunch of other domains which I in some instances, keep active with my own $$ for historic sake..

Lose the ads?