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Thread: Before it was Rare Bear

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    What a unique coincidence .......this video was posted on the 'tube this morning.
    ed; Rare Bear part starts @ 9:12

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    remember the Oogahonk!

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    Did we lose everyone that was interested in this historically based thread?

    John Slack

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    No Sir, at least you didn't lose me.

    There was some discussion of cowlings in another thread, and I note that in the latest versions of the cowl, there are no cowl flaps and in fact the only outlet for cooling air appears to be around the exhaust stacks. I'm not really clear whether that outlet has one slot for the stacks and another for air.

    I guess my question would be, "Before it was Rare Bear" with the original DC-6(?) cowling, were there cowl flaps or was that all sealed up from the get-go?

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    Nope, I'm still waiting on the next installment. The thread did get a bit derailed however.


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    This is one of the most interesting threads. As a mechanic, gearhead and student of air racing I can really sink my teeth into it. The talent pool and innovative thinking that created Rare Bear I can compare to Smokey Yunick.

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    Trying to absorb over fifty years of information on the development of "Rare Bear". Should get college credits. LOL

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    You sure as hell didn't lose me. This is the most fascinating thread on here for a while. I grew up watching and rooting for the Bear throughout my childhood in the 70's, so hearing about the genesis has been fantastic. Thanks for the insight and historical perspective!

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    Definitely didn't lose interest from me either.

    A question I thought of a while ago, where did the Phoenix name(s) come from and why the switch from Able Cat?

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    Okay great, lots of good topics and questions to go through. Hopefully we still have Neal and Lief for participation as well.
    John Slack

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    I'm still here, and still interested. Here's a rerun of a post from a couple of pages back:

    And I still have questions about that first engine. It came from a scrap heap -- never sealed up or preserved. So were the cylinders still usable? What about accessories -- pumps and hoses and such. How much support was provided during build up from AC&T? Was the work done in Hangar F-8? Did Cliff Putnam do most of the engine work?

    When did Mel Gregoire get involved with the program?

    What was done about ADI? These engines did have ADI in airline service, didn't they? I understand that ADI was installed but not working during that first Reno.

    This Birch Matthews photo of the first Reno is the best I've ever seen. Does anybody have color shots they could share?

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