As we approach PRS 2021 it strikes me that this year represents a critical crossroads in the history of the event.

As has been established over decades in the aviation industry, what puts butts in the bleachers is (i) military jet teams, (ii), single ship demos, (iii) warbirds demos, and from there on down. Like it or not, air racing, in the broader context, does not pay all the bills for Reno. Ask yourself, how long would Reno survive in its current form as just an air racing event?

Reno 2021 has both (i) and (ii) (USAF Tbirds and F-22 Raptor) and in that regard we are fortunate. The following year Reno will not host a military jet team. Whether or not we can score a single ship or warbird act (when's the last time you saw one) is TBD. Chances are good but one never knows.

Point being, 2021 represents a huge milestone on many levels. The financial pressures are being paired with encroachment pressues (residential and commercial) as a one-two punch on the long-term future of Reno.

If you plan on attending and you're not bringing two or three newbies to Reno, aks yourself why. There is a very real chance that if 2021 is not a financial success, 2022 is in serious jeopardy.

Yeah, I know. Been hearing that for a number of years. Fact's NEVER been more real.