Throughout our lives, we have chance meetings with people who are truly a "connection". Mr. Carl Malone was one of those people for me.

I met Carl living in the same condo complex, the subject of what I did came up at a social event and the subject of Air Racing came up and Carl asked me if I had ever heard of Mira Slovak... I said heck yes and he proceeded to tell me of the when he flew with Mira as a commercial pilot... (Carl later had an extensive career with the FAA)

He asked if I could get him contact information and Big Jim provided me with same same.. (which impressed him greatly! Thanks BIG!)

Unfortunately, Carl never managed to contact Mira before Mira passed..

And now, today, my good friend took his own last flight.

Carl was just one of those people who you never forget...

He once bought a really nice 911 Porsche, in his mid 80's at the time, I guess he didn't feel comfortable giving the car a good workout.. He knew I'd once owned a Porsche and that I like to drive... fast.. without telling me what he had in mind, he asked me if I wanted to take it for a drive.. during same, he said to me... open it up... see what it can do!!

At that moment, I bonded with that man like few others I've ever met... I felt him pass this evening, at the exact moment, I just felt his presence.. I remembered the day in his Porsche..

I'm gonna miss you Carl Malone! I sincerely hope I've shed my last tear and that you are well on your way to wherever good people like yourself go when we pass.. I hope you and Mira have MANY MANY good times together once again!

God Speed, Blue Skies Forever Mr. Carl Malone