So the other day, I happened on a freebie promotional video that Jay did for this product...

I bought three!

So I'm talking about these really neat little buggers and how I figured that if Jay thought they were worth promoting with a freebie ad for the guy making them, then, they're good!!

So, BeerNazi pipes in... yea, just like when Oprah recommends something... everyone wants it...

I suddenly thought, OMG... Leno is like Oprah for dudes!!!!!!!

Anyway, I absolutely HATE powder FE's.. might as well let it burn from the damage the chit causes!! Not to mention the horrible mess!

So, while not cheap (I don't think I paid as much for the three I got as they are currently charging... demand??) just the fact that they last as long as they do once deployed, versus the few seconds that dry chem units last.. and, there is no residue!!

Anyway.. Thought I'd share..