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Thread: RARA Hangar Visit series

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    Default RARA Hangar Visit series

    I understand they will be doing a number of these with different racers

    Hangar visit for Race #30
    "young" Thomas

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    Default Re: RARA Hangar Visit series

    Pretty cool. It keeps us pumped up for 2021. Thanks for the info.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Precisely what is needed!

    As always, the issue is with method of delivery. In this case, the series, as far as I can tell, is on fakebook, many of us not only do not like fakebook, personally, I'm kind of afraid to log in there for fear of whatever they do there getting into my system!

    Forgive me if I've not looked into this deep enough to see if there is an alternate location that I didn't see?

    Pretty sure we have enough unused. but paid for, bandwidth on this server, the one that you guys are about to fund for three years in advance (with my kicker to get up from 24mo to 36mo) to host whatever RARA might need to directly make access for those of us who do not have a fondness for fakebook.

    I'm so damn absent minded these days, if I forget to give RARA a call, RARA if you read this, email or PM me, I might be able to help spread the word....????

    By Edit: There is also the option of I *think* they are pretty apolitical and only about the visual of contributions.. Probably a lot better idea than hosting here due to extended exposure... again, forgive me if I've missed a link where they have this happening
    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"

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    I have 4K video downloader so I could pirate the video from RARA's fb page as a last resort. But in the meantime I left a comment asking if they would add the videos to their youtube channel.
    "young" Thomas

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    Videos are now on youtube

    Andrew Findlay
    "young" Thomas

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    Default Re: RARA Hangar Visit series

    Kevin Quin
    "young" Thomas

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