You probably remember my infrequent posts about Russia and the absolutely CONSTANT assault that probably every server in the USA experiences, where a robo, hacker in person or whatever, s every form that their (truly, likely, bots) find then, like when I had to close new member applications...

I sincerely hope by even mentioning it here that I don't "bilk the IRE" of some dark web boogie man!!

Paranoia aside..

Whatever I did, has limited bogus membership applications to pretty much zero..

I'm just about in the middle of Jeffrey Toobin's High Crimes and Misdemeanors, simply amazing how much evidence is out there implicating the Russians attempting to **** up our system!

I don't think the Russia "thing" is either a Democratic or Republican issue.

I'm just relaying what I see in my server stats!

Point 'o' My Message being... the depth of Russian crap being spewed on the Internet makes me want to scream!

Remember... I don't host this site in my garage on a spare computer, we are in a world class datacenter with a LOT of "before it gets to me" protection.. we were still just about overwhelmed by attacks by IP addressed based in Russia or nearby..

I don't give a **** about losing Russia really but I had to block a lot of other EU Nations.. I think they can all still see the site but can't log in...

Love to let the world in.. not the same world as when Mark and I created all this.... WAY before FaceBook BTW

Oh well, I've had my nightly toddy to get me sleepy, have recorded Xfinity NASCAR race on in background my favorite kitty at my side...

I blocked them... **** is gone!/