I'm guessing that most of us aviation junkies know about the Canadian TV series "Ice Pilots" following Buffalo Airways... Over the years, I've exchanged a few messages with Mikey McBryan, who is pretty much the guy behind the series...

Turns out, he has had the dream of coming to Reno for years and asked me what was the best way to have the RENO EXPERIENCE...

I'm actually pretty sure that RARA would give him access just because of the series... (not sure about that) I've invited him here, but he's not a message board guy..

Personally, I've watched just about every episode of Ice Pilots more than once!

I told Mikey, Best way to experience RENO: "bring a warbird" LOL!

Damn, I'd love to see a DC3 or C46 in current working form, wear and tear in place!!

I'd say, bring the C46 and C47 for static and they'd be in...

Ya think??

Assuming, of course, that our friends at RARA can manage to pull off RENO 2021!

Hoping Mikey reads this thread! I know you guys would welcome him with very open arms!