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Thread: 2020 Reno Air Races

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmcintire View Post
    Hi all! My husband and I will be at stead this morning. If you’re there and see a bright orange Nissan Rogue, come say hi!

    This would have been my husband’s 45th air races. There are few things in this life that he loves more than air racing. We made the 200+ mile journey to Reno because we couldn’t not be here, even if the racers weren’t.

    We were sad that the Sanders aircraft took off before we got here yesterday! We hat was so cool that they showed up though!

    Thanks for having such an awesome site where like-minded people can come and share their love if this sport!
    Had I not just bought a new house and then wrecked my right knee, I too was planning on a short trip down to be there. I've only missed one race since 1997 and that was totally out of my control as I had to be in Portland to receive my daily dose of radiation... yech!!!!!!!!!!!

    You YOU the fans are what keep this sport going.. I'm not sure exactly how or it happens but this sport truly does get into your blood!

    Thank you for sharing!!
    Wayne Sagar
    "Pusher of Electrons"

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    We are here, manning our usual spot on Lemmon Drive next to the transformer station.

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