Right before the database/server glitch around the three one July date, I managed to BORK my one good knee and have been unable for the past week or so to do much other than apply ice and take it easy..

During that time, we had a couple serious server issues, which brought me back to the reality world where, if you own and operate a remote web server, which we do, so that the server is able to scale up as very high requests to upload information comes in.

Within all this, I've been thinking about just hosting the box on my physical location via a commercial internet access account..

Problem is, I can get a HUGE amount of download bandwidth, but not nearly enough UPLOAD bandwidth to support the amount that the box might experience as when, we're covering RENO, a serious mayday happens, the field is shut down and the only way anyone, anywhere in the local can find out what is happening is

Via this message board!

When The Ghost went in, media at Pylon four knew nothing more than what we'd seen.. was not good, somebody died, hopefully, only one

Then we were sequestered into the vans...

Cutting to the chase..

Information was horribly hard to come by... I was able to hook into the message board via my cell data plan, and as we all sat there wondering what happened, I got the report that it had been Jimmy, and that people were "hurt"

What I realized in that moment, and throughout the crisis.. This site is a vital resource!!!!!!!!

The way I always did it (hosting this site) was that I leased a full on server that can host hundreds of POS commercial sites that a commercial webhost would sell at a nominal fee and care less about keeping it running as long as the rent comes in

FOREVER, I've just paid the two hundred plus monthly rent, relying on ad revenue and,, a few websites that pay rent to be here...

Air Racing's very good friend from the past Mark Kallio, whohosted pylon1.com for years is an example!

It just makes sense to partner with huge effort that Mark has put out over the years and make something better

I'm afraid that I've relaxed a bit too much after my dual knee shot gig today!

New bad knee... still hurts, A LOT!

Doc said we may have to come in from the other side with shots.