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Thread: T-MINUS 1:20:00 And Counting

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    John. One of the 1st problems was that the engines were flush with the bottom skirting & when it was launched the flames would be sucked up inside the skirting & burn up all the wirng. Along came Von Braun & said to cut about 6 to 8 feet off the bottom skirting & let the engines hang out there. Of course the engineering boys said it wouldn't look nice. Anyway that got us off the ground & as the missile pitched over to go down range it started to porpoise & self destruct itself. Once again Von Braun & asked what we had inside the LOX/Fuel Tanks & of course the answer was nothing so he said to put baffling inside the tanks to prevent sloshing. After that we started to have good launches. One that was stripped down weightwise left the launch pad & across the Atlantic across Europe & landed in the Indian Ocean. One other one the whole "Atlas" was into orbit where President Eisenhower made a Xmas speech. Enough for now.
    Lockheed Bob

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    Thank you Bob,
    that is new information that I did not know; including Von Braun's contributions. I'm sure I've seen one of the old films of the "Atlas" breaking up after launch. To have been involved in that program is quite remarkable.

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