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    Comforting to see Jim Harley's name here. So sad!
    Collins / or related put out a link:

    I added my thoughts to that list (link above). These open comment-links all have a time-limit. I hope all will seriously consider adding (your) thoughts, before this times out. You can add those thoughts with your name / or / as a non-named statement - they allow both. I have seen these collected-statements have great weight in the past on other issues at this level.

    A bit of what I added as possible thought-starter/s: "The service that these operators provide is an incredible inspirational and fact-based 'real' moment for all costing the Tax Payer nothing.... These aircraft and inspired-crews are the best "non-digital 'real' moments" to start anyones possible aviation-career-inspired-journey. With the US Aviation-industry needing people to fill all careers within, I believe FAA should continue the operations and oversight as-is for all of these self-funded goodwill Aviation-ambassadors."

    ***11/14/19 - UPDATE 1,073 have added to this open docket started by Robert Collings - thank you for spreading this FREE way to be heard.

    Mitch Carley
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