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Thread: Reports Site New Search Feature!

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    Default Reports Site New Search Feature!

    I've been working with the man behind the scenes of the Reports Site and we've come up with an awesome new search feature. It is at the bottom of the main page!

    Something special about this is that it pulls data from 1998, and those that know the Reports Site are aware that 2007 until now is much more "searchable". 1998-2007 had hard printed data that was harder to search. The goal is the new search feature will capture everything from 1964 until now, slowly but surely. The 1964-1997 data is in a much harder format to pull from...
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    Default Re: Reports Site New Search Feature!

    That is sweet! Thanks man. I’ll have to play around a little more but, it seems to work bitchin.
    You'll get your chance, smart guy!

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