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Thread: Live Feed for Air Races

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    Unlimited Gold Race ; 7:30 PM EST

    Sunday, September 15 ( Pacific Time )

    8:15-8:30 Formula One Stage onto Runway
    8:30-8:45 Formula One Race (Gold)
    8:45-8:50 T-6 1v1 Final
    8:50-9:20 Sport Race (Medallion)
    9:20-9:45 Jet Race (Bronze)/STOL Drag Demo Race
    9:45-10:10 T-6 Race (Silver)/Stihl Timbersports Demo
    10:10-10:40 Sport Race (Bronze)/NAHI Awards Ceremony
    10:40-11:00 Welcoming Ceremony/P-51 (“Bunny”) Fly-By
    10:45-11:00 Biplane Stage onto Runway
    11:00-11:15 Tom Aberle Biplane Gold Race
    11:15-11:40 Jet Race (Silver)
    11:40-11:55 Jim Peitz
    11:55-12:25 Sport Race (Silver)
    12:25-12:35 Honda Jet Demo
    12:35-13:05 Unlimited Race (Silver)
    13:05-13:25 Commemorative Air Force Demo
    13:25-13:45 USN FA-18 Demo
    13:45-14:10 T-6 Race (Gold)/Stihl Timbersports Demo
    14:20-15:05 USAF Thunderbirds Show
    15:10-15:40 Sport Gold Race
    15:40-16:05 Jet Race (Gold)
    15:35-15:55 Unlimited “Duck Walk” (Pull Out from Pits 1510)
    15:55-16:20 Unlimited Introduction/Start (Taxi @ 1620)
    16:30-17:00 Unlimited Race (Gold) (LROD/Flight Ops Complete)
    13 Total Races Sunday

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    Default Re: Live Feed for Air Races Live stream camera stuck staring at start/finish pylon

    Something is broken. The live stream camera is stuck focused on the start/finish pylon with only a short glimpse of the racers briefly going by. They are so tiny in the picture, one can barely see them. I hope it doesn't stay like that for the rest of today's races. That would be awful.

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    Not one lap time for the sport gold. “ they are really moving”
    Really? How fast?!?!!!!

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    Compared to last year they seem to have totally forgotten what they were doing right. Sigh. Why no camera on the VOS up by 6 or on haircut hill where they go really really low? Why no cameras in the pits during the start ups? Talking during the races with the live mic for the engine sounds turned off. Oh well it is free after all. Really don't know what would be better-watching these races live or digging out all of the footage we have shot over the years of REALLY fast airplanes and having a film festival. I miss the sound of Merlins running at a hundred inches going by. I miss Skip coming over the phone poles on Placerville lap after lap. I miss Lefty buzzing a different bunch on the hill with each lap. Sigh. Steve Stavrokokup makes me miss Sandy Sanders LOL.

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    Steve Stavrakakis' embarrassing announcing aside ... I thought the live stream was excellent this year, not perfect, but extremely well done for a free live broadcast of an event that is by no means easy to shoot and capture well. The interviews with race teams and pilots were added bonuses providing excellent insight.

    The live feed broadcast is close to being a truly professional presentation and I believe with continued improvements (and not allowing Steve Stavrakakis to have a microphone) the live feed could become a production that with advertising revenue may even be able to bring some income to the races one day.

    I only have the funds to make it out to Reno every few years and thus have really enjoyed being able to watch the races online the last couple of years. I really hope they keep doing the live stream and continue to make improvements.

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    Announcer was surprised when the Unlimiteds kept going after lap 6.

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    They said Miss America is trying all she can to catch Dreadnought,
    And her gear was down landing after announcing on the radio they had a May Day the announcers talked over. Yes it was free but I did have to watch a minute of commercials and missed the start of the race, but there was a nice shot of a guy standing with a hat on....

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    Its always an 8 lap race

    Not 6

    You’d think they had some basic knowledge of this

    But apparently not

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    First of all, I’m grateful for the live feed. I used to have to wait months for Air Classics to show up at the bookstore to see what happened. And it’s free, I get that they don’t have the money to cover this like a NASCAR or NFL event. But wow, I really regret listening to the audio, it was worthless and really detracted from the experience. It was painful and embarrassing to hear the announcers fumble around.

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